2017-03-22 / Little Notes

As moving day approaches it is crazy times at the newspaper

Little Notes

With our good guy Arnie pulling nails and then patching the holes, packing boxes and taking down awards and photos from the walls, this place has been pretty crazy.

We are still waiting for all of the work to be done at the new place. Electric boxes have to be added, the new floor needs buffing and there are still a few spots on the walls where the paint needs to be retouched.

There is also a sign that has to go on the front of the office and the design and text needs to be created for the electric sign that faces Cambell Street.

And then the real work begins. Phew! That means getting a truck and a crew to do the heavy lifting of desks, file cabinets, tables, chairs, etc. And then all of the tech stuff starts. Moving all of the computers, the server, hooking them all up to the Internet and making sure they are all coordinated at the office.

If we are really lucky we will have only one more issue to publish here at the old place.

Speaking of that, this issue will kick off our 9th year in business. Tim’s other paper he founded, Indian Country Today, which used to be the Lakota Times, which had its start in Pine Ridge Village on July 1, 1981 and then later renamed it Indian Country Today, will celebrate its 36th year in business on July 1. Indian Country Today went digital several years ago, but it is still one of Indian Country’s best newspapers. Some people confuse the Lakota Times Tim started with the Lakota Country Times and sometimes it’s hard to tell because the “Country” between the words Lakota and Times is so small one can hardly read it and from a distance the flag really does look like “Lakota Times.”

The Lakota Country Times used to have an office in Martin, but the owner shut it down and moved the newspaper to her house. We suppose that these days one can publish a newspaper from the backseat of their car.

Well, we haven’t reached that point yet and when we open our new office we want to have a house-warming party for all of our readers and so we will hold an open house replete with good food and soft drinks so watch our paper over the next 3 or 4 weeks for the announcement of our Grand Opening.

So feel free to come in and have a snack, visit our new office, and meet some of the staff and management of Native Sun News Today.

Anytime one moves to a new house or a new business location it takes a little while to adjust to the new surroundings and to feel comfortable in the new digs.

We want to thank our friends for sending us Happy 9th Anniversary cards and we will endeavor to be around for many years to come to bring you the best Indian newspaper in the good ole USA.

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