2017-04-19 / Little Notes

Thanks to the Rapid City Journal for the donuts and bagels

Little Notes

Well, we are finally settled in and working at our new headquarters.

We want to thank Bart Pfankuch, editor of the Rapid City Journal for welcoming us to our new location with a box of delicious donuts and blueberry bagels. The exhausted crew scarfed them up as if they had been on Gilligan’s Island for months.

This may be early to report but Memorial Day is coming up really fast. This year we decided to print one day later so that all of the staff and management can have the day off to honor their loved ones that have made that journey to the Spirit World. Tim always goes down to Pine Ridge to the Holy Rosary Mission Cemetery to clean up his grandma and grandpa’s graves. His aunt Annie is buried right next to them. His mother is buried in Rapid City and his father is buried in Yuma, AZ.

Captain Kirk Dickerson who was stationed at the 38th Parallel in Korea near the Demilitarized Zone was quipping that if Trump kept up his tweets he may have to go back to Korea again. Tim, a veteran of the Korean War retorted, “Been there done that, and I don’t want to do it again.” Let’s hope Trump doesn’t start some nasty tweets about Vietnam. Lloyd Goings, a veteran of Vietnam, said he would rather eat crap with the chickens than to go back there again.

Charise Abernathy, Production Manager, taped a pilot show for the new television show, “Oyate Today” which she will host, and she is waiting for all of the paperwork to be done with KEVN station manager Chris Gross. She has high hopes that she will be able to tape the real live show in early May. Tim and Jackie Giago are the executive producers of the show. They will be working with Charise to line up guests for the upcoming shows. “We want to do shows that put Native Americans in a positive light and show our viewers that we have a lot of talented people in Indian Country,” Giago said.

We will keep you posted and let you know the exact date the first show will air. Giago said we owe a special thanks to Chris and Dave at KEVN for giving Native Americans the opportunity for their own show.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn held a gathering at the Dahl Fine Arts building with a few invited guests to view the bronze busts that will grace the Sculpture Garden at Halley Park in September. Ed Valandra, Don Montileaux, Elizabeth Cook- Lynn and Tim Giago talked to the audience about each of the individuals whose statues will be exhibited in the park. Liz spoke about Charles Eastman. Ed talked about his friend and mentor Vine Deloria, Jr., Don talked about his mentor Oscar Howe, and Tim talked about the historic figure Black Elk.

Liz has fought long and hard to reach the point where she can finally say that the project is nearly there. However, like all projects she still needs the money to complete it and the City of Rapid City has not been as cooperative or giving as many of us think it should. She put in a request for some of the City’s Vision Funds, but was met with a cold shoulder. Most of her donations have come from sources outside of Rapid City. When it is completed we hope that all Lakota, nay – all Native Americans, visit the park to find out the history of some of our contemporary Indian visionaries.

Mike Valdez met with the President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, Scott Weston, to talk a little bit about the newspaper and to find out what we can do to help the tribe. Scott must be doing a good job because we have heard little or no complaints about him and our newspaper is usually the sounding board for complaints against any tribal government.

Looks like things have settled down on the pipeline protests, at least for now. It was a hard fought battle, but it is hard to fight the government and big money at the same time.

Stop in at our new headquarters at 530 Cambell Street and say hello.

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