2018-02-07 / Little Notes

Trying to tell a joke that relies on sound

Little Notes Wowapi Cikala

Someone at the office said on Monday that the day following the Super Bowl should be a holiday. We agree because the overindulgence in food and frivolity makes for a long weekend. Monday comes around much too fast.

Jimmy Giago Davies has been covering some of the Rapid City teams pretty closely this year and one of the reasons is that for the first time nearly every Rapid City and Douglas High School team have Native Americans on their teams. It’s taken many years for the Rapid City schools to learn what Coach Dave Strain of Central High School learned years ago: If you have some of the great Indian athletes on your teams you win championships. This school days joke is more of a sound joke but it is one that old timers like Henry Garnett used to tell from their school days at Holy Rosary Mission. The joke goes; the nun asked little Johnny to spell TOPSY, so Johnny replies, T-O – SEEP-SEEPSY – Y. Like we said, it’s a sound thing.

We get a lot of good comments on the articles written by Victor D. Swallow of Red Shirt Table. Victor likers to write about the old folks and the old days at Red Shirt and by doing so he is keeping the memories alive of a community that has such strong traditions on the Pine Ridge Reservation. There are still a few old timers left out there and they are getting fewer every year. Please don’t let the memories of your childhood or your tiospaye die with you. Write down those memories or they will be lost forever and send them to us. A lot of people will be thankful.

Will there be any big surprises as the basketball playoffs approach? Some have a feeling that Pine Ridge High School may be lurking in the shadows to spring a few big surprises and Red Cloud has proved to be very resilient. The Crow Creek girls took the LNI and they have a strong team. White River won the LNI but got a real surprise when Pine Ridge beat them last week.

Everybody is knocking on wood around the Native Sun News Today office because we have been spared the flu epidemic so far. Other businesses in town haven’t been so lucky.

Laura Tonkyn will be retiring from Layout and Design in the spring. She is training Kimberly Greager to replace her. Laura used to work for the Rapid City Journal and she has been a godsend to our newspaper. Laura’s husband will be retiring from the Cement Plant after “tona” years and they will be doing a lot of traveling together.

Dianne Amiotte has taken charge of the sales department big time and is coming up with sales ideas galore for the sales crew.

Don’t forget to get your “cante sku yeya” a Valentine. Doksa ake’.

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