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250,000 bikers are coming to town

little notesIt was one of those weeks that brought July crashing down on the heads of those who actually believed it was a good month. As one Facebook guy wrote on August 1, “Whatever happened to July? Seems like it was only yesterday.”

Grouchy thought about trying out a couple of restaurants but soon discovered that they only served pickup or delivery. Grouchy sure misses going out to dine about once a week, sitting back, having good service, enjoying a great meal washed down by a cold beer or a glass of wine. Will those days ever come back?

Kirk Dickerson had some business in Pierre and it so happened that Timmy Giago was getting ready to go to Pierre to start a new job. He hitched a ride with Kirk, found a room and is now working in Pierre.

The last hail storm took out the windshield on our delivery van so it had to be replaced on Friday. It seems that this has been a particularly bad year for hail. Nearly every employee at NSNT has lost a windshield including Christy Tibbitts and Kirk Dickerson. Our editor Tim just had his windshield replaced last week also. Luckily everybody working here who has a garden has been lucky that their crops are still standing.

Everything is still up in the air about when the kids will be back in school, how they are going to go (visual or not) and how long their days will be. Our ad design and layout guy Dylan Dedrick, son of Christy, is scheduled to go back to school on September 8. He is a senior. We will have to build a new work schedule around his school hours because he is invaluable to this newspaper. He is creative with his ads and has come a long way in handling the newspaper pagination.

Travis Dewes was doing a story on eagle feathers this week and could not get one of the people mentioned in the article to return his phone calls. So when he wrote the story he mentioned the guy’s name and said tried to reach him by phone but was not successful. He wrote the story, turned it over to the editor and went about his business as the production department was laying out the paper. They already had his finished version of the story and ready for the front page. The party in question finally returned his call long after the story was written, so in fairness, Travis went ahead and listened to his version of the story, told the editor he had to make some changes, rewrote the story, and you will see it on page one this week under “feathers.”

Most news reporters will tell you that getting people to respond to articles they are writing is like pulling teeth and yet, if they refuse to answer the call and the story is written without their input, the reporter usually gets an angry call from the person who would not return their calls demanding why in the heck they didn’t contact them when they were writing the story. So keep it in mind, our fellow readers, if you get a call from one of our reporters please respond or the reporter will write that he tried to contact you but was not successful. That is all a part of reporting.

As we head into August we all hope and pray that things will get better. Starting August with 250,000 bikers in Sturgis, Rapid City and the Black Hills will not make us feel any better. These bikers are coming from most of the states with the highest coronavirus victims. Good luck to us.  And good luck with the road blocks on the Indian reservations. Doksa ake’.

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