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A meal with the taste of New York City














Is there such a word as “braggadocio?” If there isn’t there should be because your Grouchy Gourmet is going to do a little bragging on the restaurant that turned out to be one of the best, if not the best, in Rapid City.

Several months ago Grouchy took a guest to Kol’s Restaurant at 504 Mt. Rushmore Rd., for dinner not too long after the restaurant had opened its doors.

Things were still in a flux at the eating establishment and ovens were on the blink, good help was just being trained and the management and staff had not been in business long enough to get into a good routine. The dining on that day was not a happy one.

Grouchy and friend were driving by Kol’s on Wednesday and there happened to be a parking space right in front of the restaurant. Kol’s address is listed as Mt. Rushmore Rd., because that is where the front door entrance is located, but a portion of the restaurant is on Main Street.

Grouchy too the parking space in order to avoid all of the bikers in town for the Sturgis Rally. They were as thick as fleas on Main Street and on Mt. Rushmore Rd., so stopping at Kol’s gave Grouchy and guest a respite from the traffic.

A very nice young lady greeted Grouchy and guest at the front door and took them to a table that gave off a good view of Main Street.

The table was set with silverware wrapped in black cloth napkins. After ordering a glass of wine and a beer Grouchy and guest looked over the menu.

The waitress was named Kassi and she really knew the menu and in fact even mentioned specials that weren’t on the menu.

Grouchy ordered the wedge salad and the guest ordered the Beef Tri Tip Skewer and a small salad.

The meal arrived promptly and the way the meal was placed on the dishes reminded Grouchy of how the better restaurants in cities like New Your City served their meal.

The wedge salad could be very uninspiring since it is just a wedge of lettuce, but the chef at Kol’s set the wedge in the center of the white plate and spread a layer of dressing on the plate filled with bacon bits with a small side of sliced onions.

The Beef Tri Tip Skewer was just as elaborate with the beef tips spread out on the plate and surrounded by a layer of gravy sauce.

Counting the beer and the wine the meal came to a modest $42.00 and considering the wonderful atmosphere, the polite and knowledgeable waitress, and the quiet surroundings, the small price of the meal was another bonus.

Grouchy and guest just sat back and really relaxed. They ordered a Pumpkin Bread Pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to top off the meal and it was extremely good.

Two very satisfied customers left Kol’s that night very happy that they had stopped their car out front in order to avoid the plague of bikers. We encourage all of our readers to give Kol’s a try and then prepare for a really excellent meal.

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