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A new partnership with Center for Disease Control (CDC)

A new partnership with Center for Disease Control (CDC)

By Clara Caufield,

NSNT Correspondent


Last week, this writer was somewhat startled and surprised to receive an email from Ana Toro, Media Relations, Center for Disease Control (CDC) located back east, asking for a return phone call.

What the heck? A scam, I wondered.  But it looked legal. Thus, in response, got connected to another person who is helping them figure out how to organize and conduct an ‘outreach’ campaign about COVID to tribal/native communities.

We are one of the communities suffering high rates of COVID which CDC calls ‘health disparities’, meaning that we have been hit harder than other ethnic groups, a problem which is not going away any time soon.

“Are you familiar with that?” the interviewer asked.

“To the tune of seventeen. My mother, age 85, uncle, 82, many cousins and myself who survived two horrible weeks, because I got all the shots.  Otherwise it might have got me, a cancer survivor.  Yes, I am acquainted with it.”

After lavishing much attention upon blacks and Hispanics, now CDC turns attention to Native Americans, trying to figure out how to deal with that. In doing research about communicating with Native communities, Native Sun News Today came to their attention, particularly me as a blabbermouth writer in the Great Plains area, which they tactfully described as a “strong voice”.

What is the most effective way to communicate with the Native community?  They asked.

I can only speak for the Great Plains area.  Don’t know a thing about east coast, west coast, Southwest Tribes.  In the Great Plains area, we are remote and scattered, not many having access to internet. That is why the NSNT is committed to print media, because most of our people, especially the older ones like to hold a paper in their hand, “getting the news.”

The CDC wants to identify people in tribal communities who will assist in the soon-to-come CDC COVID outreach effort. Thus, Native Sun News asks folks who might be interested in spreading information about COVID news to contact us. We would in turn give that information to CDC.  So far, they have not mentioned any money for that, but they must have some.

CDC is planning a good thing and we would like to help them. If you have questions or want to participate in this effort.


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