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A warm welcome back to Eric Yellow Boy

We here at NSNT are very happy to welcome Eric S. Yellow Boy, Oglala, from Red Shirt Table back, rejoining the advertising crew after an absence of some years. Advertising is the life’s blood of a newspaper, paying the salaries, the rent etc. All of our advertisers are deeply appreciated. Thanks for your commitment to freedom of the press.
This past week was hectic on production since we recently changed printers, bringing you a larger version of the paper, now able to include more stories and content. Hats off to James Giago, Oglala and Ryan Charging Cloud, Cheyenne River Sioux who are the “lay-out” guys putting the paper together each week, a complicated and mystifying process to the old-timers here. They put in long extra hours this past week as everything has to be “re-sized and generally regrouped”. Ryan is part-time as he is also a full-time college student. They are both amazing fellers, excellent at their craft. Those these guys are well behind the scenes, but the paper could not get done without them. Thanks guys for such good work.
Our Grouchy Gourmet, Holly Wells features Olive Garden this week. After some years of “gourmaying” she is almost running out of new eateries to review. But she keeps munching away and providing those great reviews.
Winter is coming on and it is good to know that the Rapid City Council and Mayor have designated this coming week to “Hunger and Homeless Awareness.” As of the 2020 census count there are at least 17,000 Native Americans living in Rapid – a bigger population than most reservations. Unfortunately, it’s a sure bet they make up a lot of the hungry and homeless in Rapid. Our big-hearted Captain Kirk has personally extended a hand to some of them, literally inviting them into his house and table, Thanksgiving a big holiday for all. As the Captain advises, vodka alone will not keep you warm. Dress properly. Seek shelter. There are friends out there.
Until next week. Doksha’.

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