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An alert of all military veterans and friends



If you thought only retired veterans of our many wars were the only folks eating at the VFW Post 1273’s restaurant at 420 Main Street in Rapid City you’d be mistaken.

The Post draws customers from around the area and in fact “Lee” from South Dakota Public Radio which is in its new location just across the street from the Post was caught enjoying a sandwich there last week.

Grouchy decided to stop by and grab lunch last week and to visit with the old waitress (not old as in age, but as in friendship) from the old Rodeway Restaurant up on Mount Rushmore Road. He name is Kathy and she worked for Keith and Doris Fox and the Rodeway for many years and waited on the old news crew from Indian Country Today and the Lakota Times many years ago. Our ad sales people used to take prospective customers there for lunch because the food and the service were great and because Indian Country Today had an account open just for them.

Kathy is her usual self and except for the fact that she has let her once auburn hair go gray, she is still as affable and friendly as she used to be. We know she was very sad, as was Grouchy when Keith and Doris decided to shut down the Rodeway several years ago.

Grouchy and guest both ordered the BLT sandwich for $7.00 each. The sandwich came with fries or cole slaw and the sandwiches were so large that neither Grouchy nor guest could eat the whole thing. Since the sandwich was cut in half they only ate one half.

The cole slaw and fries were also very good.

Grouchy’s coffee did not cost anything and a glass of iced tea for the guest was only $1.00. So getting an absolutely filling and delicious meal for only $14.00 was a real gift.

The Post is very large. It has a full service bar which is usually filled with veterans stretching all of the way from WWII to the Gulf War (which is still ongoing). One area of the Post has a space for banquets or as a place where one can bring in a karaoke band with room enough for a dance floor. In fact, last Christmas that is exactly what the management and staff of Native Sun News Today did. They had Mike Valdez and Tammy plus the karaoke setup in place and the crew had a great evening. The meal of tacos and other Mexican delicacies were provided by the Post chefs. A great way to enjoy a Christmas party.

Stop by the Post and pickup one of their menus. They have a different meal every day of the week and all of them are all well worth the price.

If you are a veteran that makes it even better because the walls are filled with posters, mementos and photos of happenings from all branches of the military. Plus it is possible you might run into one of your old buddies from the Army, Navy or Marine Corps.

If nothing else, the atmosphere is great and the food is great and that alone is worth a trip to the VFW Post 1273 Bar and Restaurant.

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