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An update on the Keepseagle case

To the Editor,

I wanted to update you on the Keepseagle case. William Sherman and a team of Dinsmore attorneys have filed the brief reply on behalf of our client, Mr. Keith Mandan. If you recall, Mr. Mandan is a class representative in the Keepseagle Class Action. He appealed Judge Sullivan’s order approving the addendum to the Settlement Agreement which only pays a portion of the remaining $380 million settlement money. Mr. Mandan believes the group should get 100 percent as opposed to just 20 percent. William Sherman provide the following comment on the case.

“The USDA has yet to give any rational reason why Mandan’s proposed distribution somehow offends the U.S. Government. Or why, rather than paying that money to injured Native Americans, it thinks it’s better to pay that money into a trust created by class counsel that plans to pay the money out over 20 years to organizations created to take advantage of this huge pot of money. That outcome is both ineffective and demeaning, and it serves to perpetuate the centuries of injustice the Native Americans have suffered at the hands of the U.S. Government.”

Have a good day,

Anna K. Wright
William Sherman,
Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
Cincinnati, OH

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