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And we actually thought winter would never come

The winter we all knew was coming finally arrived. Most of us remember the old days when our Rez cars refused to start and we had friends and neighbors over with their jumper cables trying to get us started. Nothing felt so bad as climbing into that old car, turning the key to start and just hearing a groan.

We have been lucky that we made it all of the way to the first week in February before the frigid temperatures came and with only 2 months left of winter, we can now look forward to spring.

Kirk Dickerson is busy writing his end to the NFL season column with his report on the Super Bowl. During the rest of the year there will be trades and other NFL related news so he will squeeze out other columns between now and the next NFL season. His Super Bowl column is in this week’s sports pages.

Our own Holly Wells is an avid NFL fan. She loves the Minnesota Vikings because they have purple uniforms and purple is her favorite color. And oh yes, she loves the Dolphins because she likes Dolphins. Now that is what we call is a real fan. And of course Kirk and Yolanda Thompson are diehard Denver Bronco fans. Tim and Christy Tibbitts are ardent Raider fans. Delmar Brewer, may he rest in peace, could remember the names of every 49er from the days of Joe “The Jet” Perry and Leo “The Lion” Nomelini.

Jimmy Giago Davies has been covering some of the local basketball team especially those with Native players and he has found a few that are really making a name for themselves playing on the mostly white teams. He hopes to get down to the Rez and cover some of the Indian teams as soon as possible. He will definitely be covering these teams when the playoffs start.

Cathy Haveman has been the bookkeeper for Tim since he owned the Lakota Times and Indian Country Today. That covers around 30 years. She has not only taken care of the taxes and the books, but has become a good and close friend to everyone working at Native Sun News Today. We have been in business as NSNT for 12 years and we have made friends with many of the other business owners over those years. But Cathy has become a special friend and is loved by everyone here.

So far 175 people have died of the Covid-19 virus in Rapid City. 43 people have died on the Pine Ridge Reservation and a total of 1,804 in South Dakota. And just when we hope it is ending a new variant shows up. Many of us have had the chance to the vaccinated and we hope it works and we can put this disease behind us. We all miss just calling a friend and saying let’s grab lunch or a cup of coffee because right now it is not safe to go to restaurants. We all miss going to movies or basketball games. There is nothing better than a bag of movie theater popcorn. Doksa ake’.



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