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Annabelle Between Lodge-Brave

OGLALA – Annabelle Between Lodge-Brave, 77, journeyed to the Spirit World on Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at the Pine Ridge, I.H.S. Hospital in Pine Ridge.

Annabelle Between Lodge-Brave was born on March 11, 1943 in Oglala, SD to Walter Between Lodge and Annie Frogg.

Annabelle is survived by her children, Albert Brave,Jr., Mona Brave, Donald Brave, Sr., and Nadene Morrison; grandchildren, Brooke, Cyrus, Dylan, Shannae, Albert III, Derek, JD, Kelly, Jacob, Donald, Jr., and Kitana; great grandchildren, Nahla, Marci, Cylinna, Kae’Lani, Prince, Logan, and Nymoria; siblings, Iris Between Lodge and Corrine Brave; best friend, Caleb “Sonny” Red Feather; and special friend, Timothy He Crow.

Annabelle was preceded in death by her parents, Walter Between Lodge and Annie Frogg; daughter, Brenda Brave; spouse, Albert Brave, Sr.; sisters, Vera Good Lance, Karen Between Lodge, Norene Winston, and Phoebe Frogg; brothers, Mark Little Wolf and Lloyd Little Wolf; and grandchildren, Lois, Wicahpi, and Jonathan Brave.

Pallbearers will be Mike Little Wolf, Corby Long Soldier, Hoksila Blacksmith, Brandon Kills Small, BJ Plenty Arrows, Ernie Stands, Renny Good Lance, Anfernee Bad Heart Bull, Jason Long Soldier, and Sheldon He Crow.

Honorary pallbearers will be Katie Kindle, Deloris Blacksmith, Wilma Thin Elk, Lillian Tobacco, Kathi Pickering, Kathi Dyer, Kim Cross, Alvina Broken Leg, Margi Bettelyoun, Linda Yellow Horse, Matilda Between Lodges, Valarie & Marvin Janis, Hilda Kills Small, Jeri Baker, Mariam Martin, Linda Holtz, Cathy Bianas, Alvina Pickett, Ingrid One Feather, Danielle Two Bulls, Aurelia Two Crow, Phyllis Tobacco, Troy Lynn Briggs, Vanessa Red Cloud, Marcus “Magoo” LaDeaux, Chuck Long Soldier & Family, Leo Winston, Wade Bagola, Julie, Jude, and Towee Little, Nora Roan Eagle, Ernie & Liz Little, Matt & Bernard Running Eagle, Brenda Janis, Iva & Jordan Tobacco, Lori Bagola & Family, Dana Chase & Family, Leilani Long Soldier, Francis Good Lance, Ola & PJ Featherman & Family, Afraid of Hawk Tiospaye, Arelia, Lenora, & Joyce Winston & Families, Reggie Winston, Deborah & Doug Outlaw, Amp Kimborough, Little Wolf Family, Loretta & Roger Bissonette & Family, Hot Todd, Cyrus Condon & Family, Madeline LeClaire & Family, Evangeline Long, Mary Little Sky, Phil, Len, Bo, & Teresa Davis, Patty Mestez, Harold & Geraldine Condon & Family, Annalene Two Bulls, Monique Fills Pipe, Bean Big Crow, Manual & Serena Two Bulls, Emily Two Elk, Two Elk Family, Between Lodge Family, Winters Family, Lone Hill Family, Margarette Vitalis, Darlene Helper, Kerman & Donovan Kills Small & Families, Frogg Family, Judy Rouillard, Sharon Sun Eagle, Kurt Touche, Lakota Family, Moves Camp Family, New Holy Family, Wanbli Mani Sundance Circle, AIM Family, and all Relatives & Friends.

A one night wake service started on Sunday, November 1, 2020 in Oglala. Funeral services were held at the Oglala Housing in Oglala, with Pastor Eric Sutton and Katie Kindle officiating. Traditional Lakota services were held with Ivan Horse Looking. Burial was at the St. John’s Episcopal Cemetery in Oglala.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge.

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