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Approaching eleven years in business

Little Notes Wowapi Cikala


Tim was shopping at Safeway in west Rapid with his wife Jackie when he saw a very tall man wearing a ball cap that read, “TRUMP” in big white letters. Tim looked at the man and said, “You gotta be kidding.” The man began to mutter something as did the people with him and Jackie grabbed Tim by the arm and said, “Let’s keep moving out of here.”

That’s right folks. They are still out there cheering for the buffoon they call President.

It’s been an exciting weekend for Kirk Dickerson and Timmy Giago III. The playoffs are in full stride and this weekend Eric Yellow Boy jumped into the fray and between Eric and Kirk they went four-for-four on their picks. Too bad they didn’t have the moolah to bet.

John Stetter has been on leave to take care of the estate of his father who passed away a week ago. He will be back at the office on Monday and we all miss him.

Tim was thinking about some of the great writers who worked for him that passed away in the past few years. First there was Randy Howell, at Indian Country Today and then Adrian Louis and Jerry Reynolds at the Lakota Times and Charlie Nauman at the Lakota Journal… Also Helen Felix from Rosebud and Dean LaVallie, from Turtle Mountain, passed away. They were two of the best sales people he ever had. And now we hear that Joan Silk, from Standing Rock, is in serious condition and all we can do is pray for her. Joan also worked in the advertising sales department.

Tim also lost a couple of his boyhood friends; Frosty Garnette and Tim Whetstone. Frosty was his first cousin and classmate at Holy Rosary Mission and Whetstone grew up with him in Rapid City. Last year he also lost one of his best friends when another of his boyhood friends died; Hobart Lonehill.

Our longtime employee and friend Ardis McCrae has been in the hospital for nearly one year. First she had a stroke and then while recovering from the stroke she broke her leg. Ardis was living in Florida many years ago when Tim hired her to come to work at Indian Country Today. She moved to Rapid City and was with the paper for several years. She moved to New York State when Tim sold the paper, but then returned to Rapid City to work for him again at the Native Sun News Today. We don’t know if she will ever recover well enough to work again, but we will keep up our hopes.

The newspaper business is not that hard on people, but outside circumstances take a toll. Christy Tibbitts, our publisher, fell and hurt her leg and she may require an operation. Eric Yellow Boy lost a leg to diabetes, but is still working every day and doing just fine.

Other than that everybody here seems to be hale and hearty. Sorry we didn’t have our usual jokes for you this week, but it was one of those sad weeks of reflection.

We will soon be approaching our 11th anniversary at Native Sun News Today. For the most part it’s been a good ride and we have enjoyed every year. Toksa ake’.

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