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Big food retailers hurt small town grocers

Dear Editor,

I operate Buche Foods in Mission, an independent grocery store dedicated to serving our community.  I would like to thank Representative Dusty Johnson for taking the time recently to visit our store and hear firsthand about how federal policies are impacting Main Street businesses like mine.

Local, independent grocery stores play a crucial role in communities across the U.S., offering a one-stop shop for fresh, affordable food while providing jobs and economic benefits.

However, for years, dominate food retailers have been rigging the rules in their favor to demand access to better products, prices and terms that disadvantage independent grocers and leave an unlevel playing field for us to compete against.

This does not just hurt us, but also our loyal customers – and it’s already illegal.  We just need to enforce antitrust laws, such as the Robinson-Patman Act, that are already on the books.

We look forward to working with Representative Johnson, a strong advocate for small businesses like ours.  They showed a great interest in our day-to-day operations and spoke with us about how we can work together to protect small businesses.

RF Buche


GF Buche Company


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