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Black Hills are quiet again

Finally, the constant rumble of motorcycles is over for another year and our Black Hills are quiet again. Our Editor Emeritus, Tim Giago, has been looking forward to a peaceful evening on the front porch, but the smoky air has kept him mostly inside. He told his wife, Jackie, that it seems like it has been a long time since we’ve had a “normal” summer… last year we were all social distancing and self-quarantining, and this summer the air has been so hot and smoke-filled. When will we be able to enjoy a nice day outside with our friends and family?

The hot, dry weather has inspired our Sales Manager, Holly Wells, to add to her outdoor water features in her yard. She just finished a new fountain that she made by upcycling a whiskey barrel liner. Now that all the bikers are gone, she has enjoyed watching the birds, neighborhood cats and deer come to her yard for a drink from her fountains. 

Kirk Dickerson, our General Manager, is looking forward to the cool weather coming this weekend so he can go fishing. He is planning to go to Angostura and catch some bass and walleye. He thinks he will catch a big one this weekend, but we told him he needs to bring back photographic evidence.

Our Production Manager, James Giago, is back in the office after a week off for a Sundance Ceremony. He spent nearly a week in Evergreen, Pine Ridge for his 12th Sundance. 

Ryan Charging Cloud is officially in charge of our Circulation Department, but he also helps out in our Production Department and he has been busy delivering newspapers to our readers and designing ads for our advertisers. He is looking forward to this week’s delivery routes with all the bikers off the roads.

The rally is over and school is starting while Covid-19 numbers continue to rise. Be safe out there and protect your circle, friends. Doksa ake’.

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