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Box Elder is hiding a secret gem, they claim to be the “Best of Thai Food in South Dakota”

Box Elder is hiding a secret gem, they claim to be the “Best of Thai Food in South Dakota”

By: Holly Wells

Banna Thai Cuisine, located at 114 Box Elder Rd, has been serving up Thai, stir-fry, and curry for about 7 years.  They rely heavily on the local Military men and women, on and off base, for business. They are open Monday-Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. but closed on Sundays. They are open for dine in take out, with lunch specials from 11-3.

Grouchy ventured out Friday to try some Thai, not really ever been a huge fan of Thai or curry, but everyone does it differently and maybe one day I will find one I like. The trip out to the Box is not too far away from Rapid, just off the service road where there is plenty of parking.

The inside for the restaurant is split in two, a smaller bar area with tables and a bar on one side, and a large dining room with a full bar on the other side, very clean, nice décor, comfy. The menu offers something for everyone. Noodles, soups, salads, Fried Rice to BBQ. Grouchy settled on some crispy fried egg rolls for a start and Mongolian Beef and steamed rice, for a total of $19.24, Grouchy did add shrimp to the beef for $2.00 more.

What’s the difference from Thai Curry and Indian curries? Indian Curries include more spices but are usually less spicy than Thai curries. Just like in Thailand, in India, dishes are made less spicy for western guests and you will be able to order dishes without the heat if you aren’t a fan of spicy food

The egg rolls were amazing, super crispy with a homemade spicy sweet and sour sauce. The egg rolls were $5.95 and worth every penny. There were five of them, not super big, but just enough. My Mongolian Beef and Shrimp arrived, and it looked good. However upon digging in, I will have to say the beef was a bit over cooked, and the shrimp was over cooked as well. I did note that I had 3 shrimp for 2 bucks but the thing I found odd was my 3 shrimp still had their tails on then but I found two more shrimp tails with no shrimp, so who ate my shrimp? Makes me go, “Hmmm.”  The sauce and veggies were very tasty although I am not a fan of green peppers, in their dish, they were good.

Over all, I am giving Baan Thai Cuisine 4 ½ stars, the service was great, and food was good, just wished it was cooked a bit less. Upon looking at my bill I did notice that I was not charged the extra 2 bucks for the shrimp, so that was good. Stop out to Banna Thai Cuisine and try one of their classics, go out on a limb, unlike me, and try something new.

Until next week Grouchy fans have a blessed week and good eats.

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