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Brady joins Raiders ownership

It is great to see your favorite teams back out on the field for Offseason Training Activities or OTA’s. Light pads and workout drills were in place throughout the league. It was also an opportunity to review rookie draft talents.

Number one pick QB Bryce Young was given plenty of media coverage so far in OTA’s. However, we are still at a stage in which teams are waiving, trading and making key additions to their lineups. As we always say on “The End Zone” one team’s waiver is another teams’ treasure. As in the case of Kicker Brandon McManus who was waived by the Denver Broncos. Shortly off the waiver wires the Jacksonville Jaguars picked him up as their Place Kicker. McManus was the last remaining member of the Super Bowl Broncos of 2015. He replaced Jaguars Kicker Riley Patterson who was traded to the Lions for an undisclosed draft pick.

It is always good to see starting injured players from last season returning to the field. No one can argue that their absence not only hurts the success of the team, in addition, it hurts attendance and ticket sales for the league. Broncos RB Javonte Williams returned to OTA’s after a devastating ACL tear in knee early October last year. Another starter who is expected to return his team to greatness is Forty Niners QB Brock Purdy. Purdy’s return is expected by the season’s opener.

An unexpected waiver was that of All-Pro WR DeAndre Hopkins from the Arizona Cardinals. “Teams do not normally take a direct salary cap hit of $22 million,” noted the Captain, “they usually get a draft pick especially in this case.”

Hopkins had struggled with injuries in the latter part of his career. Another veteran who struggled last season was QB Derek Carr. Carr is now the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints who inquired about the tutelage of his old coach John Gruden. Gruden and the coaching staff will format an offense that is familiar to Carr for quick success.

A bit of strange news as Pittsburgh Steelers QB Kenny Picketts vehicle was “picked off” by a thief who fled with the Steelers playbook in the vehicle. It had only taken thirty minutes to recover it along with the playbook. “Not a great thing to have happened to you before an OTA practice,” chided the Captain. “I didn’t know” was the theme for Detroit Lions WR Jameson Williams. Williams was suspended for six weeks for team betting. Even though Williams stated that he didn’t know he was betting on any NFL games; he was flagged for mobile betting at the teams Allen Park Facility.

“What to do? What to do?” Was the question in Raiders camp as newly acquired QB Jimmy Garoppolo underwent foot surgery this past March. Garoppolo signed a waiver with certain stipulations and conditions. A waiver that could terminate for any reason reflected in the waiver. In short, his base salary of $22.5 million could be in jeopardy of not being paid. He has originally signed for three-years on a $72.75 million dollar deal.

Having a huge stake in the Raiders organization is the unretired Tom Brady. Raiders Owner Mark Davis has agreed to relinquish part ownership to Tom Brady. Many questions have arisen knowing Brady has ownership in other local pro teams. One thing for sure, Brady will be the only third Player/Owner in league history. Will Brady quarterback the Raiders and be Owner? Well, first it takes twenty four Owners to approve that along with Ownership acceptance. 

With this year’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas, it may be a worthwhile adventure for Brady.

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