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Break out the BBQ’s

Break out the BBQ’s

We think we finally found a new office, but the paper work is still on the table. Finding a place for a Native-owned business is much harder than we thought it would be. The search for a place taught us that lesson and we will be doing some stories for the paper on what we ran into as Natives seeking an office.

However, nearly all of the employees have packed all of their personal possessions from their desks and into boxes just waiting to be moved. We will probably move into the office on Deadwood Ave. and we will be publicizing the new address in next week’s paper.

Elena Wells, our Business Manager, has been learning a little bit about layout and design in the Production Department. We are always looking for backups in every department.

Jackie Giago ran into one of our old employees, Meda Hanson, at Walmart last week. Meda was looking fine, but said she is having a little leg problem and has trouble walking. We wish her well.

Jackie said she is always surprised at how many friends and former employees she runs into at Walmart. They don’t call it “Indian Heaven” for nothing.

Robert Chase, Circulation, took a little road trip with Kirk “Super Sales” Dickinson a week ago and got several stores along the way to sell our newspaper. He is a go-getter.

Tim won a major national award, but we are not allowed to announce it or write about it until the awardee puts out its own press release. Watch for it.

When the old time news reporters wrote an article at the very end of the story they would put -30-. This meant that this was the end of the story. It kept the editors aware. So if you see -30- in the headline of one of our stories, that means it is the end of a series. Really?

Spring is here and it is time to clean up the barbeque for another season. Kirk brought in a 3 and a half pound trout on Monday to show off a little. He will be throwing it on the BBQ this weekend. Yummm.


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