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Bringing life back to Wounded Knee

To the Editor,

Thanks Tim for the encouraging news. I remember well when you were a kid at Wounded Knee. It was a vibrant village then. I would love to hear it is again. Always life was going on in the valley. There was such a gentle spirit I felt across the hills there.

The dead seemed to rest well, however sadly they died. Did you ever stand and listen to the prairie wind across the valley? There was life in it. Not death. I hope I may rest as well where ever my children bury me. The long grave was always a place I felt welcomed me. When I got older I used to take Dad and Mom’s contribution up early on Decoration Day and they would go up later. I guess the idea of a good eternity was always there in everybody!   

Yes, I agree with Tim, Wounded Knee would be a magnificent investment. Not the site itself but at a dignified distance business enterprises for the living!  I am sure the people who have passed, my folks included would love to see life and energy come to the reservation thru Wounded Knee. The dead live and so should the living!!!  I don’t have anything to give you all but my hope. That I give in quantity. 

JoAnne Gildersleeve Feraca

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