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Changing the R-Word: It’s all about the money

   Dan Snyder

National Football League Players Association and the League are inching closer to an agreement of the way the league will handle its part of the Covid-19 crisis. Players want no preseason with daily testing of Covid. Differing is the League who wants two preseason games and less testing. Another counter proposal the players offered was the ability to opt-out if they do not feel safe playing while still accruing a season. Players are not thrilled about wearing masks over their helmet bars. How will lost revenues from less fans in the stands affect salaries? If there are fans in the stands the all thirty-two teams would require fans to wear face masks. There is also 35% of salaries in Escrow planned to level the field.

Arizona Cardinals Owner Michael Bidwell was released from a Rhode Island hospital after recovering from Covid-19. “This week I learned how serious Covid-19 was,” stated Bidwell.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers blind-side RT Donovan Smith stated, “Risking my health and my family’s health is a risk not worth taking by playing in the virus pandemic.” Smith’s blind side protection is crucial for Buccaneers new QB Tom Brady. In a little bit of hot water is Eagles WR DeSean Jackson who Anti-Semitic posts did not sit well with Ownership or the community. Jackson’s post connected him with the Black Hebrew Israelites Movement. A movement which claims that Blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics are the true Israelites and not the White Jews. A movement which additionally claims they are the true “Children of Israel.” Jackson additionally stated, “I post a lot of things that are sent to me, I don’t have hatred for anyone.” I really didn’t realize what the passage was saying. A far as the league is concerned, Jackson will be fined.

‘We were framed’ was the theme this week for Seahawks CB Quinton Dunbar and Giants CB DeAndre Baker. I was rumored the Dunbar and Baker had given victims a total of $50,000 in a settlement. However, evidence in the case suggest something totally opposite. Both state and Federal law enforcement agencies were informed that the victims were trying to extort money from the players by claiming they were robbing them at a party. One hour after the incident the victims had apparently called Dunbar and Baker demanding money. Apparently, the victims had hired a civil attorney as well seeking $500,000 in damages. At this time the

State Attorney’s office has not decided if the case will go to trial at this time.

Renaming Washington’s franchise is the talk of the town this week or what to name the team is more like it. With funding for renovation of Fed Express Field being withheld and corporate sponsorship of over $685 million in investments, forced the hand of the name change. For eighty-seven years and being the last team to incorporate minority players into its system, the name change is finally around the corner. “For over forty-years Admiral Giago II along with Susan Hargill and Michael Haney wrote numerous articles about the name change. Admiral Giago II even went on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about the offensive mascot. Many ideas of a name change were suggested. One suggestion was to change the name to the “Warriors.” However, that name change would invite another offensive mascot.

Not to mention the Golden State Warriors already have that name. The last time two professional teams had the same name was in 1977 when the St. Louis Cardinals football and baseball teams. Another name the team is considering is the Washington Red Tails. Red Tails was the nickname give to the Tuskegee Airman and their contributions escorting bombers in World War II. “I think they should consider an honorable name that honors Native Americans,” stated the Captain. Most Americans sadly do not think Native Americans do not exist. This will keep them in the limelight. Does anyone remember former Eagles QB Randall Cunningham?

Cunningham showed the league how a scrambling quarterback can change a teams’ fortune. Now he is the Chaplain for the Las Vegas Raiders. Cunningham who played college football for UNLV was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2016. “He is going to take care of the guys in Las Vegas,” stated Owner Mark Davis. Sometimes paying up on an old debt can be a good thing as the New England Patriots have found out. Settling on the cases of former WR Antonio Brown and TE Aaron Hernandez has freed up over $7.75 million dollars in salary cap space when they originally had only $500,000. By paying Brown the Patriots received a $4 million dollar credit by cutting him three days after his signing. Also by settling the Aaron Hernandez case brought on by the attorney of his girlfriend who has a child with Hernandez.

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