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Christy took a nose dive and broke an arm

Little Notes Wowapi Cikala


Everybody is still digging out from the winter blast that his Western South Dakota last week.

No body missed work and believe it or not nobody was even late for work. What a hearty bunch we have at this newspaper.

Last week we ran a photo under The Way it Was of Thom Little Moon shoveling a path to the office in Martin in 1984. Where was Thom when we needed him this week?

Remember the old vaudeville joke that goes, “I call the wife my melancholy baby because she has a head like a melon and a face like a collie.” Pretty old and stale huh? But Rodney Dangerfield told those kind of jokes.

Kirk Dickerson is usually on the road early in the week traveling to Pine Ridge and Rosebud to visit with his advertising customers, but as old man winter dictates, he has to stay close to home this week. Knowing Kirk, he will still try to get out there to see his customers.

Kirk and Eric Yellow Boy were laughing this morning about Patriot’s Coach Bill Belichick telling his players to fake injuries to extent the clock and when he was confronted by a member of the opposing team Bill simply told him to shut the f**k up. Did they catch that on tape?

Chante Heart had some business to take care of in Minneapolis and so she decided to visit a few customers in Minneapolis while she was in the neighborhood. We don’t know if it is colder there than it is here, but brrrrr.

Yolanda Thompson has had to contend with a lot of sorrow lately. Her sister passed away and so her body was brought from Louisiana to South Dakota on Monday. She was buried on the reservation on Tuesday. Our prayers go out to Yolanda.

Christy Tibbitts had a little misfortune. She slipped on the ice and injured her leg, but worse yet she broke her arm. She said, “Just getting old I guess.”

Our super sales lady Jackie Giago is featured in this week’s paper. We are trying to run a small feature on each of our employees every week so our readers will get to know them.

Jimmy Giago Davies is between sports seasons so he has been drumming up other stories for us. His expose on the Sioux San takeover attracted a lot of readers last week, but the story by Richie Richards and the injured boxer from Yankton really got a lot of hits.

Tim’s old classmate from Holy Rosary Mission, Basil Brave Heart, stopped by the paper to visit with his old kola last week. Basil was the guy who fought to get Harney Peak changed to Black Elk Peak. You just can’t keep those old mission boys in place.

Toksa ake’.

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