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Clinton Robert Huapapi, 32Free Access

Clinton Robert Huapapi, 32

May 8, 1990~ March 2, 2023

Clinton Robert Huapapi was born on May 8, 1990 in Rapid City, SD to Leslie Huapapi.  Clinton made his journey to the Spirit World on March 2, 2023 at in Wanblee, SD.

Clinton is survived by his mother, Leslie Huapapi; daughters, Aliyah Huapapi and Deijah Huapapi; grandmothers, Bernadine Red Kettle and Mabel Red Kettle; father, Tom Brewer; sisters, Jenna Huapapi, Kerea Huapapi, and Brandi Brewer; brothers, Jeremy Huapapi and Jesse Brewer; and numerous aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins.

Clinton was preceded in death by his grandfather, John Huapapi; and great grandparents, Burgess and Isabelle Red Kettle.

Pallbearers will be Preston Hawkins, Jordon White Bull, Pete Lemay, Royal Hawkins, Mason Hawkins, Ben Sitting Up, Desmond Red Kettle, David White Bull, Henry Hawkins, Travis DeSersa, Ikie Few Tails, Curt Quiver, Cason Bettelyoun, Leon Red Kettle, and Tony Red Kettle.

Honorary pallbearers will be Brandi Brewer & Kids, Jeremy & Jesse Brewer, Kerea Virgil & Family, Jenna Huapapi & Family, Ray Bad Hand, JB Bad Hand, David Bad Hand, Olowin Bad Hand, Pat Bad Hand, Mae White Bull, Sylvia Brown, Choppa White Bull, Rose Standing Bear & Family, Faye Lemay, Becki Standing Bear, Lori Standing Bear, Alvina White Bull, Lisa White Bull, Doreen White Bull, Eileen Grinnell, Phyllis Swift Hawk & Family, Tina & Vern Standing Soldier, Maude White Bull & Family, FG White Bull, Dawn White Bull, Rick Red Blanket, Jerrod Iron Horse, Richard Moves Camp & Family, Bryan Brewer, Ernest Red Elk, Calvin Red Elk, Howard Red Elk, Velma Kills Back, Jessie Chipps & Family, Stephana and Alonzo Standing Bear, Donovan Ashley, Kenny Lance, Marlena Poor Bear, Nash Bettelyoun, Tom Brewer, Bob Brewer, Narcisses Red Kettle, Reanna Red Kettle, Sylvana Red Kettle, Desmond Red Kettle & Family, Cissy Few Tails, Bobby Few Tails, Lorenzo Few Tails, Denise & Claudia Friday, Jewel Moore, Dot Sitting Up, Jan Sitting Up, Brian Sitting Up, Rita Brown & Family, Steven Quiver, Doreen Milk, Ross Bettelyoun, Penny Bettelyoun & Family, Jewel Edwards & Family, Kathy Glenn, David Glenn, Mary Moran, Eunice Rogers, Michelle Hawkins, Mel Hawkins, Royal Hawkins, Colin Hawkins, Markus Hawkins, Micah Hawkins, Wesley Hawkins, Sr., Wesley Hawkins, Jr. & Family, Marilyn & Mikeyla & Family, Brenda Bettelyoun, Crystine Red Kettle, Avril Livermont, Bob and Jeanette Amiotte, Amber & Jim Terkildsen, Dick & Carol Lee, Gertie Yankton Family, Julie Wilcox Family, Kevin & Suzanna Lance, Jonathan Long Soldier, Mandy Long Wolf, Ben Long Wolf, Santana Loafer & Girls, Mike Marshall, Sr. & Family, Lloyd Red Kettle, Justin Byrd Little Thunder, John & Cecelia Haas, Colleen Bettelyoun & Family, Rochelle Quiver, Uncle Louie Quiver & Family, Charlotte Dismounts Thrice, Lovencia Blue Arm, Dianne & Francine CHipps, Arlette Has No Horse Blacksmith Family, Blaine Family, Huapapi Family from Yankton, Yellow Elk Family, Bad Cob Family, and all Friends & Relatives.

Wake Services: Two night wake service starting at 4:00 PM, Thursday, March 16, 2023 at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD with evening services starting at 7:00 PM each night.

Funeral Services:  11:00 AM, Saturday, March 18, 2023 at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD

Officiating:  Mother Michelle Dayton, Lay Minister Johnny Wilson, and Pastor Chris Grillo

Traditional Lakota Services:  Mr. Richard Moves Camp

Burial Services:  Red Kettle-White Bull Family Cemetery, Wanblee, SD

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD


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