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Congressman calls for death to hundreds of thousands of Palestinian children

To The Editor,

“I think we should kill them all”, said right-wing reprobate Republican Congressman Andy Ogles from Tennessee on February 15, 2024.

And who does this hate-filled, harebrained hillbilly want to commit a Nazi-style extermination campaign against precisely? CHILDREN. (Not embryos, Alabama!) Real, alive, already-born children in Palestine must all be murdered with your American taxpayer dollars and weaponry free-of-charge to the racist war criminals in ritzy Tel Aviv, Israel.

Over a million children in the Gaza Strip, specifically, should be subjected to a modern-day, 21st Century replay of the Holocaust according to prison bound Benjamin Netanyahu’s butler Andy Ogles (R-TN) who should be ashamed of his stupid self, but clearly Ogles the Ogre doesn’t have a clue about anything as inbred as Ogles is.

Seriously, you sick psycho Southerners need to stop procreating with your siblings and cousins already, let alone allowing those pathetic products of incest to run for political office as adults. Who do you freaky fascist perverts think you are anyways – Rudy Giuliani? Jesus Christ didn’t impregnate any of his siblings or cousins, y’all. Just saying. Nor did Jesus marry any of them, GOP.

And furthermore, this corrupt conservative criminal Congressman Andy Ogles (R-TN) can’t even come up with any explanation at all to legal authorities as to why and where Congressman Ogles recently received $320,000 in undisclosed, unaccounted for campaign cash.

Can anyone out there say AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee)? Of course, like usual, AIPAC would be the most likely source of very large, illegal cash bribes being given to a craven, cowardly congressman calling for killing Palestinian children by the hundreds-of-thousands.

Jay Pickering

Arcata, CA

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