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Covid-19: Rally, schools and tribes

South Dakota’s total cases of COVID-19 has risen above 9,600, and nearly 150 people have died from the virus.

Pennington County is still the second most impacted county in the state with over 900 cases. Minnehaha County retains the most cases by county with 4,422.

Oglala Lakota County has 155 cases. The Oglala Sioux Tribe recently rescinded its curfew with a tie breaking vote from Vice Chairman Tom Poor Bear. Only minors of 17 years of age and under have a curfew of 9 pm now.

Native Americans remain at 16% of all positive COVID-19 cases in South Dakota.

The Sturgis Rally began on August 7 and will officially continue until August 16. The estimated attendance of the 80th rally is 250,000 people but the official count will not be known until well after the rally is done.

A majority of schools are set to open at the beginning of September with mask orders and other precautionary measures set in place in case an outbreak does occur. Some schools will be presenting education strictly online until further notice.


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