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Covid-19 strikes some of the NFL training camps

Broncos Safety Kareem Jackson is one of several players who tested positive for the Corona Virus this off season.

It is a new era for social change and the NFL was no exception. Commissioner Goodell’s “we’ve got it wrong” to encouraging teams to hire QB Colin Kaepernick is indeed that era.  As the league has made Juneteenth, the official end to slavery, a holiday for its employees, with an olive branch effect. Reaching out to voices that were silenced or criticized. Welcoming an opportunity to work together for a common social solution. “It is sort of like what Dr. King said in his “I Have a Dream” speech. In which when he stated former slaves and former slave owners would one day sit down at the table of brotherhood,” stated the Captain.

Speaking on making sweeping changes, Washington has started one. A removal of their original Owner’s statue of George Preston Marshall. Marshall was the last of the NFL Owners who refused to integrate his franchise in the 1960’s. To counter this setback, Washington has elected to retire the number of their first black player Bobby Mitchell. Mitchell passed away this year. Washington joined the league as well on making Juneteenth a company holiday.  I know that Admiral Giago II is thinking, “Now they need to work on changing their mascot,” acknowledged the Captain.

There is still some concern over players contacting the Corona Virus during workouts. As of now, the National Football League Players Association is advising against it. In preparation, top quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Sam Darnold and New York Giants QB Daniel Jones have been working out with their teammates. This may be doing more harm than good. In addition to the five Dallas Cowboys along with some Houston Texans testing positive to the virus, two Tampa Bay Buccaneers have tested positive as well. In New England, the Patriots made an offer to hold season tickets until 2021. This is rare because of six world championships; seasons tickets contain a very long waiting list. With training camp only a month away, the league is requiring each team to develop an Infectious Disease Emergency Response Team. Each team will be assigned in tiers in which access to restricted areas will be monitored. A second player from the Broncos have also tested positive for Covid-19 is Safety Kareem Jackson. Jackson, who was the anchor of the secondary last season, began experiencing congestion and flu-like symptoms in Houston during this offseason. Earlier in April, teammate Von Miller had contracted and recovered from the virus.

South Dakota is still considered the Wild, Wild West as Eagles TE Dallas Goedert found out. Goedert, a resident of Aberdeen, South Dakota had returned home and visited the Zoo Bar.  “Just to be hospitalized from being “sucker-punched,” jeered the Captain. Broken glasses and injured heads were all a part of the action. An arrest was shortly made on Kyle Hadala of Sarasota, Florida. Hadala was later released on a PR Bond and a “No Contact” order was issued on his behalf as well.  New York, New York may not be the place to be for Jets Safety Jamal Adams. Adams has been frustrated over contract negotiations with his team. His goal to be the highest paid Safety in league may lead him to greener pastures. “I believe the Jets hands may be tied on this one,” stated the Captain. A few seasons ago, the Jets had invested heavily in the acquisition of RB LeVeon Bell from the Steelers. Additional cap space may be a trick in itself as Adams makes a push to join the Dallas Cowboys.

Speaking of the Cowboys, a final draft has been drawn up for Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. Prescott will be one of the highest-paid players in the league with a $31.4 million dollar franchise tag placed on him. In Las Vegas, the Raiders will get a chance to show their new stadium Allegiant, for the 2021 Pro Bowl.


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