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Covid – 19 was no laughing matter

Covid – 19 was no laughing matter

By James Giago Davies

Native Sun News Today Correspondent


There is a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, but often first attributed to the ancient Greek philosopher, Socrates: small minds discuss people, mediocre minds discuss events, great minds discuss ideas.

Most can’t apply that quote to their life; they continue to discuss people and events over ideas, the quote does not register, because the quote is defeated by its own truth—the quote is an idea.

We can apply that quote to two things: our personal life, and the way we look at the world at large. Gossip does not like the world of ideas, especially on the reservation, where malicious gossip has always been raging like a wildfire. It thrives on people and events. Did you hear what Sissy did at the pow wow? No one wants to talk about anything beyond people and events, and if a person should try to discuss ideas, there is an awkward moment before the conversation is forced back to people and events.

Let’s take Trump. We fixate on Trump as a person, and the event that concerns us, his election as president. Neither the people that supported Trump, nor most of those that opposed him, can look past the person or event. What we should be focusing on is the idea, and that idea is the system, the corrupted process, that created and empowered Trump. Because we can only deal comfortably with people and events in our day-to-day lives, even larger social and political problems are filtered through the same petty gossip prism.

Let’s take the Ukraine. Putin, a bad person, invaded Ukraine, an event. Zelensky, a heroic person, opposed the invasion, an event. The deeper social and political realities are not considered, because that would be looking at an idea. There is a power struggle going on here, between NATO on one hand and a new economic alliance, forming between Russia, China and India. The USA does not want that new economic alliance to form, let alone succeed, so they have brought NATO right to the doorstep of Mother Russia, and are willing to get in bed with Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups to stop Putin. There are no good guys in this scenario. Both sides are motivated by self-interest, not principle.

The first step is to accept that you have spent most of your life in the realm of people and events. The big challenge then is to look at the ideas behind the people and events (where you have tended to focus all your attention). Every tribal council allows people and events to cloud their judgment, corrupt ideas, and distort policy. Start scrutinizing their decisions without regard to people and events, and the whole mess will start to make sense to you. Once we start filtering actions through ideas, the people-and-event motivated actions of mediocre people become transparent. They are devious, and they know how to game a system, but they are not sophisticated or complicated. They are motivated by only two factors—ego and greed.

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