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Current effects of accumulating tons of CO2 in the seas are alarming!

To the Editor,

Glaciers are melting at an alarming rate because water warms two to three times faster than air. The Arctic Resilience Report published by the Stockholm Environment Institute reports, “The arctic is now changing at an unprecedented pace, on multiple levels”. The Department of Energy expresses concern for our future energy and national security.

Warming water is also causing global destruction of the coral reefs. Nature reports, only “immediate global action to curb future warming (can) secure a future for coral reefs” which support 25% of marine life and 500 million people.

Climate scientists are correct in predicting climate change but they underestimated projections for how soon damage would strike. The time is now but the President is backing away from the Paris Climate Agreement and Congress continues itss legacy of denial and inaction.

New leadership is needed which is why I am supporting candidates with the courage to challenge the status quo and work toward solving problems.

We need more leaders like Tim Bjorkman and Billie Sutton.

Mark Winegar

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