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Daylight Savings Time is here again

Congratulations on losing an hour of sleep the other night. Hope your body clock has adjusted by now.

It is that time of the year again when we set our clocks forward an hour while gaining extra daylight time. Every year politicians in Washington say they are going to do away with time change but they never do.

We are told the real reason for time change is to make more use of natural daylight and save energy. Also research has found that by extending daylight hours, crime actually goes down by 7 percent from the day before. This is mind boggling, it goes down 27 percent with the additional extended hour. Some people think we change time because of the farmers. However, farmers do not like the time change either and have lobbied against it since it was installed in 1918. Whatever the reasons for DST, the best thing going for it, is it gives more daylight to do stuff after you get off work. That doesn’t work out come July 4th fireworks because you have to wait forever for dusk and the fireworks show. The only other drawback is it makes it tough to watch scary movies when you want the room dark. Scary movies are much more fun when going down the dark hallway to the bathroom kinda makes you jumpy. In Arizona they don’t even bother with DST. Last thing they want is to prolong the day. It’s hotter than a pistol in the summer and construction and road crews are forced to work at night, and so extra daylight just keeps them from getting after their job.

Speaking of time change our General Manager Kirk went to the Burger King drive-thru to get everyone breakfast. Upon arrival, he asked the drive up host why are you changing the breakfast menu to lunch its only 9:30? No sir, it’s 10:30 and we are serving lunch. That is when he notice the time changed on cellphones but it doesn’t reset clocks in your car, embarrassing! Our new kid on the block Chris Pina, was surprised as he was able to attend a free rock concert. A group called “The Park” sounded off last Saturday in Baken Park in Rapid City. Chris stated the song they sang “Zombie” by the Cranberries sounded just like the original artist. He was tickled that a band that sounded that good was actually free to listen to.

Our star Sports Reporter Jimmy Davies wanted to go to Huron, South Dakota to cover the Class B Girls Basketball tournament. Adverse weather can make one change their mind. Viborg-Hurley wound up winning the tournament by sinking thirteen more free throws. A West River team getting a raw deal from East River ref whistles? Wow, that can’t have ever happened before!  

Native Sun News Owner Jackie Giago has acquired a cat whom she thought was young until the kitty had to go to Veterinarian. It turns out the kitty was missing seven teeth meaning it was an older cat, surprise!

Jimmy’s lap dog Victor was watching TV with Jimmy and Charmaine and a cat started meowing on the TV. Charmaine started meowing to get Victor’s attention, and he was so perplexed he went over to her and stuck his snout in her mouth to see if there was a cat in there.

Today KILI radio was on in the office and they played nothing but country music and it was driving Jimmy crazy. He says it is hard to write with skill and intelligence when the song in the background is some stupid person whining about his broken heart.

Ernie says , “That other camera bag was just falling apart, so this is a lunchbox, but I put the camera in there.” Jimmy says camera bags can be a pain and that a bag adapted to carry the camera may be better. Most camera bags are too low and wide, and when you sling one over your shoulder it is better if they tend vertically, not horizontally. There should just be enough room for a backup five-hour energy, because driving back from a basketball game in the dead of night, it’s awful hard sometimes to keep from nodding off.

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