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DCI report on police actions regarding People’s Jr

DCI report on police actions regarding People’s Jr

By Joseph Budd

Native Sun News Today Staff Writer

RAPID CITY – Following standard protocol, the South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation concluded the Rapid City Police Department were justified in the killing of Barney Leroy Peoples, Jr, 51 on March 26th.

According to the official summary of the shooting, People pointed a scoped rifle at officers, before they shot him, being hit 6 times by two officers, from a total of 15 shots.

The incident, which began at 1:34 p.m. on March 26th, when a homeowner called 911 to report someone was in his home. He had returned home after being out of town for a few days, and said it appeared the residence had been broken into and he suspected someone was still inside the residence, which was “trashed.”

When the police arrived the homeowner provided the police information, showed them a broken window, and that there were several guns and ammunition within the home.

According to the incident summary, five officers arrived, who the homeowner was talking to, and the homeowner then explained he believed someone was still on the upper level. A sixth officer arrived, a K9 handler, also arrived at the scene.

The officers entered through a doorway, on the ground floor, making themselves known, verbally as police, and told anyone inside to make themselves known. The report, said the officers continues to work their way to the main floor and upper level, announcing themselves as they went. The k9 unit joined the group, as they moved to the upper floor, where they could hear footsteps and music. The officers again, identified themselves, and warned that if anyone in the house did not announce their presence the police would deploy the K9 unit, no response was heard.

At that point, the Police officers arrived at the door to the Master bedroom, and kicked it open. Peoples was found seated on the floor, pointing a scoped rifle up at one of the officers. As they took cover, they ordered Peoples to drop the weapon. Peoples then turned the rifle on a second officer, and the two officers fired at People. He died at the scene, due to the injuries sustained.

The report did not name any of the officers who shot Peoples, or the other officers who responded to the call.

Other details that surfaced in the investigation, was that a second firearm, a shotgun was found up against the wall, outside of the door, and that the K9 unit, led the officers to the given room where Peoples was located.

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