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Doing our best to support the cause

To the Editor,

I’ve been in touch with my Pastor in Sisseton about many things of late, surviving the winter storm, did they get the $$$ “Little Pony” and I sent from Arizona and how I’ve coped with the tragedies at Thanksgiving, 2014 and 2015 and the slaughter of Jesse Waters and Little Ray, I cried all weekend, ’til my heartache stopped pounding in my tears, that’s how I coped. He also told me there are two missing, hopefully not frozen to death.

All I could think about after reading your article “Donald Trump ain’t seen nothing yet” was Aiyana, beautiful Aiyana, who took her life because of bullying at 15 and a 13 year old followed suite (my Pastor’s Granddaughter’s friend).

Aiyana gave a great speech on respect that I think everyone from the Clintons, to Trump, to gay and bisexual women, our Native men, black men, white men, etc., anyone who has or still does mistreat women – read!!!

This Cherokee Rose refuses to let her voice of courage and dignity be forgotten.

Ivan Star Comes Out wrote an article “Why do Natives get married” about the good way to be together, “bonded like the eagles, who bond for life.”

Many good Native men work hard to teach other Native men, young and old, how to be good men, husbands, fathers etc. They should teach ALL men these things.

I read about all the movies being made in S.D., on the rez’s and it’s great, “Neither Wolf nor Dog” I can’t wait to get it. The art of storytelling by this road should be used to teach the people how to love each other, in a good way again.

There is so much talent from David Midthunder to Zahn McCarnon, well connected; well- seasoned that can invest in TV, Movies and Pow Wows to spread the lessons, into more main stream, the antidote to a violent culture is our good Red example.

Zahn talks about wanting to do a role as a father and a loving husband, I think that’s great, I hope he gets it, but I think he should write it himself and not wait on someone else’s work, express his own heart at what it is to be a good father and loving husband.

So, I already gave to Chase Iron Eyes work for Lakota families and gave every penny possible to my Pastor to care for the people in Sisseton. I have no extra $$$ for the Pipeline Battle, Chase emails for help, like my Mohawk Brother , Broken Walls’ Jonathan Miracle.

Talent’s aren’t always about money – should never be about fame – he uses his to serve Indian people and non-Indians, he wrote last October about an 8 year old rez girl who took her life, that broke him and myself, he’s been a pallbearer too many times.

So, I told my Pastor last night that I had finished a short children’s story for Native children, about courage, standing for what is right and anyone can be a hero.

I’ll send it to you, copyright it, illustrate it, sell it give the money to Jesse’s family, or Domestic Violence programs, safe houses etc.

My family’s way of supporting the troops at the N.D. camps, caring for the women and children.

Blessings for your week,

Ms. KarenWillow” Morgan
Eagles Wing Baptist Church,
Sisseton, S.D.

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