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Don’t believe a single word about Russia and the Ukraine

Don’t believe a single word about Russia and the Ukraine



There is no society on earth where the media is not made to kowtow to the people who own and operate the respective country. An independent press is an ideal, not a reality, because a quick Google will show you that every major American media outlet, every social platform, are pretty much owned by the same people. If the intent was to create a framework that allowed contrived narratives to be continuously peddled to the American electorate as fact, they could not have designed a better one.

We know our intelligence services lie to Congress, and are never punished. We know Administrations lie, about weapons of mass destruction, about yellow cake uranium. We know the government has lied, either directly through the military, or through government agencies or cabinet secretaries, about Korea, about Guatemala, about Vietnam, about bombing Cambodia, about Granada, about Panama, about Desert Storm, about 9-11, about Iraqi Freedom, about Syria, and about Afghanistan. But—magically—they are telling the truth about Ukraine.

We are being lied to about Ukraine the same way we are lied to about everything else, the same way we have been lied to for over seventy years. Ukraine is not a nation of heroes, the nation really is crawling with an inordinate and dangerous number of Neo-Nazis, and the Ukraine is not actually winning the war, despite our $40 billion dollar contribution, despite our asinine propaganda showing them defeating the Russians by driving farm equipment. The Russians are on the verge of taking the entire country, and their assault on Ukraine, lo, these past months, has gone according to plan, despite nauseating avalanches of brazen propaganda that the Russians are bungling incompetents (sounds more like our military).

Now we find that back in November the United Nations took a vote to condemn Neo-Nazism in all its heinous forms, and only two countries voted against that measure—the United States and Ukraine. The USA gave the lame excuse that it was protecting freedom of expression, and that the vote was just a ruse by Russia to undermine Ukraine, and a prospective NATO alliance. But if that were the case, how could the Russian plan work unless Ukraine actually was crawling with Neo-Nazis? How could such a vote undermine a country with no Neo-Nazis in critical positions of military and political necessity?

The American electorate considers itself one of the most politically savvy and geopolitically informed electorates in the history of the planet, but the reality is they are the most stupendously propaganda duped electorate in history. Goebbels propaganda, Russian propaganda, Chinese propaganda, even the propaganda from the Dark Lord Sauron in Lord of the Rings—none of this propaganda can hold a candle to American propaganda. Even as you read these words, a lifetime of that propaganda has seized the reins of your brain and is preemptively constructing a scoff-laced dismissal of all my assertions.

Don’t believe a word the mainstream media tells you about Russia and the Ukraine. Not one single word.

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