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Eat your dinner off of a trash can lid



If you opt for Chinese, there’s always some guy tries to force chop sticks on you, and if you don’t give them the old college try, for some reason you are some kind of jerk. If you eat the Arabic dish, Kapsa, you sit in a circle on the floor, and have to eat with your fingers, using your left hand, drinking tea out of cups tiny enough for your daughter’s dollhouse.

Who would have thought, right here in South Dakota, there’s a good old homespun spot to have great barbecue, and eat it right out of a trash can lid.

Even the Chinese and Arabs would balk at that, but once you get over the trash can lid placed upside down on a tripod at table center, you get a tasty meal for four that is 70 bucks well spent.

Famous Dave’s is located down Eglin Street in Rapid City, just east of Target, and it is probably not the first choice if you are on a strict diet, but once inside, it’s like stepping back a hundred years. The walls look like the interior of a mountain cabin and are covered with posters and paintings and memorabilia from a time when rugged men braved an untamed sportsman’s paradise, when you had to crank start Model T’s, and stunt biplanes buzzed the county fair.

Every waiter or waitress you get says they are Famous Bob or Famous Betty, and every one of them is good at what they do, and you don’t mind leaving them a generous tip for services rendered.

The trash can lid comes with delicious cornbread muffins, a whole barbecued chicken, your choice of pork or beef brisket, or both, tasty corn on the cob you could easily gum off the cob if you had no teeth, coleslaw, Wilbur beans, seasoned potato wedges, and a generous rack of St Louis style barbecued ribs. You can order some grilled pineapple steaks on the side, wash it all down with mango lemonade.

Odds are you won’t finish it, so you’ll need a box, and there will be enough left over to last a couple meals at home. Even the potatoes will keep, if you don’t microwave them and make them rubbery. Just sprinkle a dash of olive oil and heat them up in the oven.

There’s nothing fancy about Famous Dave’s, except the flavor of the food, which is unapologetically hearty and robust, and you can cover it with a variety of specialized barbecue sauces, called Devil’s Spit and Georgia Mustard, etc. Georgia mustard on those potato wedges is especially tasty.

If you got the time, on your way back from using the restroom maybe, check out all the this-and-that decorating the walls. Every wall contains something that will catch your eye and fire up your imagination. It makes

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