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Even the flies like Mexican food



So here is my take on my experience at La Costa Restaurant in Rapid City. While the server was spot on with our needs and taking our orders they were also very polite and courteous.

Unfortunately, we did have some unwelcome quests; (Flies) were buzzing around us. Also there was no air conditioning in the middle of August. So Grouchy was in a booth sitting were the heat was uncomfortable making it difficult to relax and visit.

Grouchy wasn’t trying to visit the unwelcome guest (flies) either. The food was alright but Grouchy was hoping for more of an authentic taste of the Mexican cuisine. Grouchy has cooked many Mexican dishes at home. The flavor was kind of bland to taste, to say the least.

Grouchy was hoping for the seasoning of the cooking process. I think the portions were alright for the price. I think to it would have made the dining experience more comfortable if they had some traditional Latin music. Latino music would have added a pretty feel of the whole dining experience. Grouchy will revisit them again to see if there are any improvements to Grouchy’s next dining adventure back at La Costa Restaurant .

La Costa is located on Omaha Street across from the Park. The entire meal for two, plus drinks came to $38.75 including taxes.

Grouchy has visited La Costa’s several times hoping that if an honest criticism was put forward the owners of the café would read it and make an effort to correct the conditions that Grouchy has so aptly described in the past.

But try and try again is not making a dent here. The need to improve the taste of the meals and to bring a little music and entertainment to the place is not asking too much. Each time Grouchy has visited La Costa’s there has been a lack of satisfaction either with the meal or the service. This time around both the meal and the service was greatly improved, but that taste of old Mexico is still lacking. Most people from Rapid City wouldn’t know the difference, but Grouchy has been to New Mexico where the Mexican food is second to none. We will be back and we will keep our fingers crossed and hopefully we can write a column of praise next time.

We know it is hard to keep flies out of any place in the summer, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. Not only are flies annoying they are also unsanitary so the management of La Costa really needs to address this problems.

Until next time, bon appetite!

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