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Everest Cuisine, a genuine taste of Indian & Nepalese

A few weeks ago, Grouchy dined at the Himalayan Kitchen and much to my surprise found that Grouchy enjoyed Indian/Nepalese food. So I thought I would try another restaurant that serves traditional food, Everest Cuisine located at 2328 West Main St. and see who serves it best!

Everest Cuisine has been serving our local community since 2012, whipping up the real deal. It is one of the oldest Indian/Nepalese restaurants in the city. You would be surprised at how many restaurants offer traditional Indian/Nepal’s food. Everest Cuisine states they offer entrees that their competitors do have that is their edge. Let’s find out.

For starters, have you ever wondered what the difference between Indian food and Nepal’s is? I have! So in a nut shell hear is the 411. Nepali food is NOT Indian food. They definitely do share some similarities but each cuisine is unique in their own ways. While using the same spices, meats and vegetables the cooking methods are different, while Nepal vegetables are stir-fire or mashed, Indian vegetables are more smashed or made into a puree, they both share a love of spicy curry and turmeric, in Nepali cooking creams and sugar is mostly avoided, which makes Nepali cuisines healthier. Either way led me to that Naan!

Everest Cuisine is a very small place on West Main, if you blink you will miss it. The restaurant itself could use some TLC, it looks like they have not done anything to the inside since the day they opened in 2012, needs new paint and the carpet let’s just not talk about that! There are several booths and large tables and what they call a lunch buffet set up on one wall. Not too sure what may be on the lunch buffet can’t be much since there were only 5 hot plates.

After the host/server/cashier cleaned a table for me I was seated at a booth, each booth has a large map of Naples under glass that was cool, you can get a feel of what region you meal is coming from. Grouchy decide to compare the meal I had a few weeks ago at Himalayan Kitchen to Everest so I ordered the same dish, they name it something different at HK but it is all the same, Everest had 9 large Prawns, with a ton of Spinach again Popeye would be proud. I also ordered the garlic and basil Naan.

My meal arrived and it was again served in the traditional way, the Shrimp Saag is what they call it was very good, comparing both dishes I have to say they both were almost the same, HK uses a few more traditional spices, but Everest had more heat. The Naan was good, but if that was “fresh basil” then I am a monkeys Auntie. I grow my own basil and that was not fresh but the garlic flavor was good.

The service was ok, my meal was dropped off and that was it, never checked with me to see how everything was, in fact I had to get my own to go boxes, it seems the only one in the building that was working took his drink and the phone out the front door not to be seen for a bit. My total for my meal was $19.34 (at HK the total was $21.39) I am giving Everest a 3 ½ star the food was good, but the place was a bit run down and dingy and service was not great.

Until next time have a safe and Happy Halloween and good eats!

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