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Everyone should practice intermittent fasting

Dear Editor,

I called you, there at the paper, after your article on fasting. I told you I’ve been fasting since my 20’s and I’m in my 75th year now, so I would be happy to share more information on fasting with you.

Then in your last article you mentioned and wrote about Gabor Maté. Don’t know if I mentioned Gabor to you because I have been telling people about him lately. But I was really inspired by your writing and your personal story. I could relate to your statement, “I wasn’t raised, I just grew up.” That really hit home. It’s becoming more and more obvious what Tim saw in you. Bless you all.

Since I’m appreciating your sensibility and your articles so much that I would like to do something for you and what I am good at is star charts. So I would like to gift you your own star chart. If you’re interested I contact me.

I know you are busy but an article about fasting would be good for everyone.

Hope to hear from you. All the best.

Roger Pfeifle

Olivet, SD


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