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Free press is vital to freedom

To the Editor,

First, Free Press is not the enemy of the people. It would be an autocrat, who would be the enemy of free speech. History warns that two European Countries met devastation in the 1940’s when free press was curtailed and, eventually, abolished. Protect the 1st Amendment as a citizen’s cause, regardless of political party affiliation.

I would speculate that the recent flash visits from a high profile, wealthy urbanite to rural Montana and South Dakota, was to, indirectly, gather support and for the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

It was frustrating to see our state surrender its sovereignty to a foreign oil corporation, which was willing to use eminent domain over agricultural land. It is a matter of when a major oil spill or a series of small undetected spills that will have detrimental effect. The spill(s) will not affect the oil barons, at both ends of the pipelines, and their drinking water or their pricey estates.

We need legislative candidates who are willing to represent all of South Dakota and have the will to resist enticement from special interests.

Jerome R. Yellow Elk
Vietnam War Veteran &
Independent Voter

Sioux Falls

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