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George William Pumpkin Seed Jr.Free Access

George William Pumpkin Seed Jr.

February 3, 1971 ~ April 6, 2023

WANBLEE – George William Pumpkin Seed Jr., 52  made his journey to the Spirit World on April 6, 2023 at his home in Wanblee, SD. George Jr. was born on February 3, 1971 in Pine Ridge, SD to George Pumpkin Seed, Sr. and Shirley Mae (Stands) Pumpkin Seed. 

George is survived by his brothers, Paul Pumpkin Seed & Terrence (Crystal) Pumpkin Seed; sister, Annette (Art) Red Owl; soulmate, Stephanie Waters; nieces, Kendra Stands, Sadie Red Owl, Hattie Red Owl, Brittany Pumpkin Seed, Spring Pumpkin Seed, Macy Pumpkin Seed, Terrayah Rogers, and Tia Ashley; nephews, Kenni Stands, Garrik Stands, Arthur Red Owl, Jr., Konrad Pumpkin Seed, Jr., Kash Pumpkin Seed, and Kayelor Pumpkin Seed; grandchildren, Emanuel Brown, Eilanna Brown, Kayson Bear Runner, Nalana Stands, Gracyn Stands, Nalani Red Owl, Nakia Red Owl, Scarlett No Neck, Malani No Neck, Talyn Ashley, Alyse, Aiyla, Torryn, Antoine, Jr., & Aeryss Ashley-Chipps; aunts, Sylvia Shaw, Loretta Pumpkin Seed, Ingrid “Faye” One Feather, Carmel Two Elk, Serena Two Elk, Emily Two Elk, Francis Ashley, and Esther Rooks; and uncles, Denver Pumpkin Seed, Jerome (Theresa) High Horse, and Leo Bald Eagle. 

George was preceded in death by his parents, George Pumpkin Seed, Sr. and Shirley Stands-Pumpkin Seed; siblings, Konrad Pumpkin Seed, Sr. and Troy Pumpkin Seed; niece, Simora Pumpkin Seed; nephew, Kurt Pumpkin Seed; grandchildren, Evianna Brown & Ay’vreigh Ashley-Chipps; grandparents, Paul Stands & Marie Walks-Chipps, William Pumpkin Seed, Jr. and Bessie Lip; great grandparents, Samuel Stands & Lucy Dreaming Bear, Alfred High Horse, and Agnes Between Lodges-High Horse; sister cousins, Trina High Horse, Sharon Red Elk, and Gwendolyn Reddest; aunts, Kathleen Walks-Brave Heart, Cherry Chipps, Annie Red Elk, Gloria Cottier, Elfreda Huapapi, Rosalind Pumpkin Seed, and Linda Pumpkin Seed; uncles, Leonard Haas, Fillmore Stands, Lloyd Pumpkin Seed, Sr., Duane Pumpkin See, Michael Pumpkin Seed, Stephen Pumpkin Seed, Arthur Pumpkin Seed, Leonard Yellow Elk, Guy Dull Knife, Jr., and Webster Poor Bear.

Pallbearers will be Paul Pumpkin Seed, Cleland Pumpkin Seed, Kenni Stands, Garrik Stands, Alex Richards, Alex Under Baggage, Joe Sitting Up, Eric Red Elk, Jr., Arthur Red Owl, Jr., Emanuel Brown, and Tyree Rosebud. 

Honorary pallbearers will be Stephanie Waters Family, Julie Rosebud Family, Tanya Dull Knife & BJ Bettelyoun, Terri Dull Knife & Carl Moran, Denise Standing Bear Family, Adrienne Means, Tara High Horse & Mike Rogers, Phyllis DeSersa, Ladene Winters, Kathy Winters, Shirley Thunder Horse, Mona Moves Camp, Donna, Heather & Nancy Red Willow, Neil Red Elk & Marilyn Charging Crow, Beverly Red Elk Family, Eddie High Horse, Jeremy High Horse Family, Jerome High Horse, Jr., Agnes High Horse Family.

Lloyd Pumpkin Seed, Jr., Dorothy DeCory. Jenny DeCory, Stephana Standing Bear, Leslie Ashley, Melinda Wilcox Family, Beverly Red Elk Family, Marlys Richards, Glenda Yellow Elk, Kim Jack, Doreen Milk, Ren Leader Charge, Barbara, Roberta & Latasha Twiss, Tiffany Cottier, Don Cottier, Dean Good Buffalo, Tonia Stands, Robert & Mary (Grimme) Epps, Misty, Darrin, Daverine, Darrolyn, Sonya, Sylvan & Ralph Pumpkin Seed, Louis Shaw, Anthony Red Elk, Angelo Red Elk, Taylor Red Elk, Brenda Neiss, Kerry Neiss, Tamera Neiss, Julie Lakota, Gloria Lakota, Kelli Huapapi, Austin Rosebud, Leonard Yellow Elk, Jr., Emma Swift Hawk, Joyce Tallman, Margie Few Tails, Mercy Iron Crow, Arlene Iron Crow Marlene Brave Heart, Eli Brave Heart, Nancy Reddest, Pumpkin Seed/Lipp Family, Swift Hawk Family, Red Willow Family, Tallman Family, Charging Crow/ Brave Heart/Iron Crow/Old Horse Family, Between Lodges/High Horse Family, Sitting Up/Ashley Family, Yellow Elk Family, Winters/Bald Eagle/Between Lodges Family, Crazy Horse School Class of 1990, Wanblee Senior Citizens, and All Friends & Relatives.

Wake Services:  One night wake service starting at 12:00 PM, Friday, April 21, 2023 at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD.

Funeral Services:  2:00 PM, Saturday, April 22, 2023 at the T&T Center in Wanblee, SD

Officiating:   Elder Jordan Daniel

Burial Services:  Cremation to follow services burial to be held at a later date

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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