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Getting ready to make the big move

Getting ready to make the big move

Everybody at NSNT is packing all of the things they keep in their desks and discovering things they thought they had lost years ago. They are getting ready for our big move to a new location. Been at this location for 4 years and finding a new one has been difficult. It seems that when most landlords see Native in the title of your business all of a sudden the rules to rent or lease become more complicated. One prospective landlord wanted us to get a co-signor even though we have been in the same location for 4 years without ever missing a lease payment.

One of our employees with a real fear of spiders saw one checked it out and wrote, “The Joro spider has arrived in America.  It is a colorful Asian spider that probably came here in a shipping container.  Georgia and other states on the East Coast are seeing them.   I sure hope they stay where they are.

Spring time is here and I will be dealing with all kinds of bugs in my vegetable and flower garden.  Those insects are the ones I see each year.  No new bugs or spiders are needed.  I don’t want giant, colorful spiders adding to my troubles.  I’m not a fan of bugs or spiders.

It might be time for me to buy several cans of bug spray and several flyswatters.  I could keep one flyswatter in my canvas supply bag that I carry with me while gardening.  I’ll need a can of bug spray and a flyswatter in every room of my home.  Maybe I’ll carry both items in my car, too.  You can’t be too careful when dealing with colorful spiders.

They probably know how pretty they are and just want to share their beauty with every human they find.  Oh, I’m not interested.  Please stay away.”

We are starting to run the insurance ads for the state this issue. We will run them two more times. We have a short explanation in this issue telling our readers why we run them. Look for it.

The tourists are already starting to come into the beautiful Black Hills. The growth of the population to this area is amazing, but like a lot of Lakota, we wish they would find another place to settle.

Tim will be making his annual visit to the graves of his grandmother, grandfather and aunt who are buried side-by-side at the old Holy Rosary Mission cemetery at Pine Ridge. It is one of the oldest cemeteries on the reservation. Doksa ake’.


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