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Grouchy Gourmet recommends Custer Battlefield Trading Post Café, Crow Agency, MT

June 25th, 2023, will mark the 147th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, formerly known as Custer’s Last Stand.  

The day will be filled with festivities: speeches from tribal leaders, gallant parades of Northern Cheyenne and Sioux riders who literally ride hundreds of miles to the Battlefield in memorial, morning sunrise prayer ceremony, much good camaraderie among tribal peoples and the whole place will be packed with visitors from around the world. 

Eventually, all those people will get hungry, finding themselves somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Fortunately, sustenance will be available just across the highway at the Battlefield Trading Post and Cafe. The establishment has been there since 1985, when the art store started followed the restaurant 1988, immediately and since an immense success.

They serve food which appeals to the local populace: Indian soup; extremely large pieces of home-made frybread, crow style; huge juicy hamburgers; local grown grass-fed buffalo and other delicacies.  Plan on spending about $15.00 per person. “Prices have gone up; wages have gone up and we have to absorb this,” said Putt Thompson, owner, and manager. /

Sho’o Daa’ Chi means Hello in the Crow Indian Language. That is how guests to the Custer Battlefield Trading Post and Cafe are greeted by servers of the Crow Nation. Over the years, Putt Thompson,  provides many employment opportunities to members of the Crow Nation,

Patrick Hill, local artist of national acclaim and Crow historian and other local Crow men are also to be found there, willing to tell old Crow stories to guests. The Crow people tend to be very welcoming and love to share stories.  Great local color.

Seating is ninety-two inside and one hundred on a scenic patio, plenty of room for a tourist bus or a family of four. They have the very best Indian taco! One could easily feed two. Unless you have a fat boy on your hands. Then he might want two of them for himself.

The Indian Fry bread if fresh every time! Homemade soups and pies are made daily. A unique part of the menu is Buffalo Steaks & Burgers, grass grown and local. And there are plenty of things for the kids.

When you go out for steak… you expect the best. That is why they serve Certified Angus Beef. These steaks get an A+ in the taste test for perfection.  as part of this certification, the highest standards are used to prepare your most excellent and perfect steak.  The Hand cut Ribeye is juicy, flavorful – a great steak!

This Grouchy can attest to all those claims. Heck, when living sixty miles away, Cheyennes often ‘run over to Putts’ to get a culinary treat.

The phone number is 406-638-2270; the FAX for to go orders is 406-638-2901 and the email is

The hours are Winter: 9:00am – 8:00pm Summer: 8:00am – 9:00pm

Try it out. You could venture to McDonalds, about twenty miles away in Hardin to save a few bucks, but the café commonly known as “Putt’s place” is more on the excellent side. You will be glad you did.

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