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Grouchy ‘partays on’ at PerkinsFree Access

One of the favorite dives for people who hang out after 2 a.m. has always been Perkins on Lacrosse Street. After the bar closes many people who still want to “partay on” make their way to Perkins for a late night snack with their partay people.

Grouchy hates to admit it but at one time she was one of those people who was still out on the streets after 2 a.m. looking for a way to extend the nights merrymaking. Grouchy used to love to go Karaokeing at Cheers to sing her heart out and then would make her way up to Perkins to finish the night with a light snack.

Well now, Grouchy is much too old for all that late night carousing but Grouchy still loves Perkins. In fact she has been to Perkins at least five times in the last couple of months, so Perkins is still the go to place to get breakfast or a late night dinner.

Last month one of Grouchy’s childhood friends from Eagle Butte was in town and invited her to have dinner with him. He chose Perkins on Mt. Rushmore Road so Grouchy met him there. Grouchy ordered her favorite, Hibachi Grilled Shrimp which is teriyaki grilled shrimp stir fried with red bell peppers, red onions and broccoli served on a bed of garlic butter rice. Delish! Friend ordered a Classic Cheese Burger, grouchy didn’t get it, but it was his treat so let him have his burger.

It was crazy, but the very next morning the Grouch’s daughter called her and invited to have breakfast at none other than Perkins on Mt. Rushmore Road. Not one to turn down free food, Grouchy gladly accepted the invite. Grouchy was being a little adventurous and ordered the California Avocado Egg Benedict mainly because anything with avocadoes is a plus with this old gal. The dish was two basted eggs, avocadoes, smoked bacon, oven roasted tomatoes, pepper jack cheese on an English muffin all smothered with hollandaise sauce. Yummy for the tummy.

Grouchy enjoyed being out with family, especially with all the grandkiddies who mostly ordered what else? Pancakes topped with whipped cream and strawberries of course.

Then a couple weeks later, Grouchy decided to take her son out for dinner and where did he chose to go? Perkins on Lacrosse Street. Son was hungry for breakfast even though it was late in the evening, so he ordered his favorite Chicken Fried Steak and can you guess what Grouchy ordered? Hibachi Grilled Shrimp of course. It was an enjoyable night out with her oldest son.

Then last week after a late night at the keyboard, Grouchy was hungry for dessert. Her younger son was picking her up after work, so they decided to go to Perkins so Grouchy could pacify her sweet tooth. Son ordered the Classic Cheese Burger and fries, and again Grouchy didn’t get it, why order burger when you have so many choices at Perkins. But to each his own.

Grouchy of course ordered pie, wildberry pie topped with ice cream. This old lady likes pie, and any kind of pie. One year, the boss lady at Native Sun wanted to know what kind of cake Grouchy wanted for her Birthday and she said, “I want pie.”

Grouchy just watched an advertisement that Perkins is offering 5 Meals for under $10, featuring five of their fan-favorite, fresh-made plates, Homemade Meatloaf, Jumbo Shrimp Dinner, Chicken Strips Dinner, Country Fried Steak and Grilled Fish with Shrimp.

Well these days, Grouchy still has her partay people, but they are little people and they hang out at Birthday parties, Christmas Parties and Super Bowl Parties. And Perkins of course.


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