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Grouchy went to Ruby Tuesday on Tuesday


Ruby Tuesday is located at 821 Fairmont Blvd., but all one has to remember is that if you drive south on Rushmore Blvd., you will see it on your right just before you start heading out-of-town on Highway 16.

Last week Grouchy had the occasion to pick up a couple of friends who were looking for a place to have dinner. They happened to be staying at a motel that was located near Ruby Tuesday, so Grouchy said, “We might as well try it out.”

It was early in the evening so the place wasn’t overly crowded and the waitress found them a nice table near the east windows with a good view. Her name was Caitlin and after she showed them to their table she took their orders for drinks while they studied the menu.

The last time Grouchy visited Ruby Tuesday the Salad Bar was pretty appealing and that included a bowl of soup with the salads and it came to $12.99. Two of Grouchy’s guests decided on the Salad Bar while the third went for the Crispy Chicken Mac Cheese pasta.


The Salad Bar is well-laid out and the dishes are nice and large so you can load it up pretty good. The mistake Grouchy made was putting too much bleu cheese on top of the greens. The bleu cheese didn’t have the best flavor and it sort of ruined the taste of the total salad.

The one guest that also tried the Salad Bar was also disappointed in the meal. There was no container of soup at the end of the bar and so Grouchy asked the waitress where the soup was and she said, “I will get it for you,” and she read off the soup choices. Grouchy and guest chose the broccoli cheese soup and it was pretty good.

Ruby Tuesday sits on a hill and has plenty of parking spaces. There is a nice bar in the restaurant and on the night Grouchy was there it was pretty crowded.

The total cost of the meal for three came to $55.90 and considering two of the guests were not happy with the Salad Bar, it was pretty costly.

There is a variety of choices on the menu and if you go to Ruby Tuesday be sure to check out all of the menu and, as we found out later, we could have ordered a meal and still got access to the Salad Bar.

The décor’ is modern and the service is good, but don’t put too much bleu cheese on your salad.

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