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Hall of famers shine at induction

Raiders WR Cliff Branch

Every August the NFL inducts its greatest players of the past to be enshrined in Canton, Ohio. “I remember when the Hall of Fame used to be for players only,” chided the Captain, now coaches, owners and referees are being enshrined. One of the latest players to be enshrined is the late Ravens DL Tony Boselli. Boselli, unfortunately passed and did not get a chance for his moment in glory. However, he left plenty of memories of his play and personality to keep him in our hearts. One inductee you may remember for his linebacking ability is Sam Mills. Considered to be undersized in stature, Mills made it on his ability to tackle before a running back could get started. This 5’9″ Linebacker tackled and played in gigantic proportions.

A coach who landed loudly on the comeback trail was Eagles and Rams Coach Dick Vermeil. After retiring in 1982 from the Eagles, Vermeil returned to the gridiron in 1996 and lead the St. Louis Rams to several Conference Championships and a Super Bowl. He helped to create the Rams resurgence after the original team left to Arizona to become the “Greatest Show On Turf.” A team that showcased the talents of QB Kurt Warner and wide receivers such as Marshall Faulk, Tory Holt and Isaac Bruce.

A Green Bay Packer inductee Safety Leroy Butler, the originator of the “Lambeau Leap” leaped his way into the Hall of Fame as well. Butler participated in back-to-back Super Bowls in ’96 and ’97.

World Class speed can also get you the nod of enshrinement as Raiders WR Cliff Branch was inducted. Not only did Branch demonstrate amazing speed down the sidelines, he also shown he was a complete football player. Branch’s play down the sidelines opened the door for offenses scoring more points.

Not many inductees are selected for their leadership abilities, however, Patriots DL Richard Seymour was the exception. Seymour was an integral part of Patriots success knotting three world titles. An underrated lineman, Seymour was extremely versatile on the defensive line making a great selection for the Hall of Fame.

Going unnoticed for the ceremony are the greatest referees. Art McNally was the first referee to be nominated. When referees are making great calls, their jobs mainly go unnoticed until a bad one is made. McNally was on top of his game. “When your job is performed well, no one will even know you are around,” stated McNalley.

In other off-season news, the Cleveland Browns may have to wait for some time before they see the play of their new QB Deshaun Watson. Watson was suspended for six-games for violating the league’s personal conduct policy on accusations of sexual misconduct. Many feel the leagues’ punishment was too light. However, having to pay settlements and be suspended for over a month may prove to be fair. Returning to mandatory camp was Chiefs OT Orlando Brown Jr. Brown signed a franchise tender. This may be a good move for the Chiefs as Brown is the blind-side protector of QB Patrick Mahomes. In turn, the Chiefs offered Brown a six-year, $139 million dollar contract which included a $30.25 million dollar signing bonus.

Home is where the heart is as San Francisco WR Deebo Samuel agreed to a 3-year $75.5 million dollar deal.

Samuel had previously requested a trade earlier in the offseason after seeing several other receivers offered lucrative deals. He also was a multiple position player playing running back and receiver to boost the Forty-Niners deep into the playoffs last season.

A position that does not draw much attention are the signing of punters as Patriots Jake Bailey agreed to a four-year $13.5 million dollar deal. “It is great to see the league signing players for more than one- or two-year deals,” noted the Captain. If you have a great thing going, you should try to keep it.

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