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Happy Anniversary to Native Sun News Today

Happy Anniversary to Native Sun News Today


Today marked the 14th Anniversary of Native Sun News Today.

14 years ago we moved into an office next door to the Technology Center on Cambell Street. It had been snowing all morning and when Tim and Jackie got to the office the snow was already about 3 feet deep and Tim had to carry Jackie from the car to the front door.

Tim joked, “I was a young whipper snapper of 74 at the time. Now at 87 I couldn’t carry her 2 feet.”

Well, the office got opened and Ardis McRae and he mother Artie plowed their way through the snow and started their first day of work at the newspaper.

We discussed about whether to make the paper tabloid size or just make it a regular sized newspaper. Regular size won out and we have been publishing a regular sized paper since.

Tim had founded the Lakota Times and Indian Country Today in the early 80s so this new newspaper was old hat to him. Thom Little Moon was our go-to graphic artist back then so it was up to Thom to create our new logo and design our front page. He did a great job. Thom has since traveled to the Spirit World, but he was one of the greatest.

We started to cover the news from day one. Our one and only Kirk Dickerson returned as our advertising sales manager and we were off and running. Tony White Eyes joined Kirk in the sales department and we gradually started to fill the jobs.

Our first paper hit the streets in the first week of April. After Anthony Stickney came on board and put his expertise to work we knew the paper would be a good one.

Those 14 years have flown by like the wind and we look back on it and wonder where it went. The paper has gone on to win more than 50 awards for journalism excellence during that time and our office walls are full of the trophies.

We offer our sincere thanks to our above average readers who appreciate a good newspaper. With some pluck and a little bit of luck, we will be here to serve you for many more years.

(Contact the editorial staff at editor@nativesunnews.today)

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