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Have a Happy Halloween


We have a couple of employees who love to decorate their work areas on special holidays. In our case it seems to run in the family. Holly Wells has always been “decorative minded” when it came to holidays. She already has her Halloween decorations improving the looks of her desks. Not to be outdone her daughter Elena, our receptionist, is right there with her. She has her desk decorated in the finest spider webs money can buy.

We were looking for something extraordinary from Kirk so that we could put it into Little Notes. Kirk said, “It’s been a pretty normal week so I guess you can skip me this week.” We will wait and pounce on him next week.

James Giago needs to have a full-time mechanic to move in with him. Every automobile in his household has broken down a time or two this week. The boss always asks, “Where’s James?” The staff replies, “His wife’s car broke down and he is getting it repaired.”

Keeping the office thermostat at a temperature that will satisfy all of the employees is pretty hard around here. One day Jackie is freezing and keeps turning the thermostat up while everyone else is roasting.

Elena has been having trouble with babysitters and as a result has had to bring one or two of her children to work every week. Luckily for all of us her children are very well behaved and they are not trouble at all.

Aside from a few stores changing their working hours during the reemergence of the Covid-19, Yolanda Thompson has managed to get our newspaper delivered without problem for the past few weeks. It was pretty tough when many of the stores just plain closed, but we are back on track. Yolanda loves her delivery route. She travels to Pine Ridge and Rosebud every week delivering the paper and has made many friends on her route.

She missed a couple of weeks while she tried working at another job and her clients on the Rez missed her, but she got lonesome for her old job and asked if she could come back to work. Tim told her that she is irreplaceable and could have her job back anytime. And so she is back and happier than ever.

We are hoping to have a very special Veteran’s Day issue next month. If you have any photos of ex-service men and women in your family, please send them to us by November 3 and we will get them in the paper. In the meantime, have a Happy Halloween and be nice to the tricks and treaters. Doksa ake’.

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