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He went to war with a cougar


RAPID CITY – John Stetler is an account executive at Native Sun News Today. What that means is that he has to go out into the jaws of a sometimes hostile city to sell newspaper advertising. He is exceptionally good at it.

When Stetler was five-years-old he had a run in with a cougar. When Stetler was five-years-old a cougar, not the two-legged kind, but the four-legged kind attacked him. The cougar had John by the head and his sister had to run and get help for him in which it took 6 shots for the cougar to release its grip. John had 135 stiches on the left side of the head after it was said and done.

John is a fearless salesman in a good way and loves what he does. John’s goals are to build a beautiful bridge between the two communities, John feels the roads that are already put in place are rough and bumpy and need to be revamped.

He graduated from Rainier High School in 1993 and started a great journey in his young adult life working and raising a daughter who is 19 years old and going to college. He graduated from college with an associate’s degree in health and science as a Medical Assistant and after graduation he was certified in the State of Washington. John moved to Rapid City two years ago to be closer to family of his fiancé Retta. John and Retta got married in March 28, 2018 at the Heart of David Ministries performed by Donny Williams in Rapid City. John Started with Native Sun News Today on September 27, 2018 and is just starting to hit his stride in Rapid City and the surrounding communities.

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