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Holly’s two fish look pretty frisky in her tank


There is an island in the Mediterranean called Malta that is said to have the most perfect weather on the planet, but this past week our weather here in the Black Hills rivals that of Malta. It is the perfect time to drive through the Hills because the traffic is minimal compared to mid-summer, and especially compared to Rally traffic in early August.

One of the problems about working at a newspaper is you sit at a desk clacking away and get little exercise. Captain Kirk and Jimmy can talk all day long about sports, about the Broncos bouncing back from a defeat, about the Cardinals clinching the National League Central, but that won’t take any pounds off their waistline. Rapid City has lots of exercise alternatives, whether the Outdoor Campus on Sturgis Road, or Canyon Lake Park, or Buzzard’s Roost just up on Rimrock Highway, or the newly revamped Stratobowl hiking trail on the way to Mount Rushmore. The Black Hills also have two outstanding hiking trails, the Centennial Trail running from Bear Butte to Edgemont, and the more developed Mickelson Trail, running from Deadwood to Edgemont.

So, really no excuse to not get some exercise, because the snow will be flying soon enough.

Holly’s two fish look pretty frisky in her tank. They can’t wait to be fed each morning. Fish always brighten up the office. The fish are too tiny now to eyeball from any distance but if you get up close they are plenty cute enough, they just have to grow big enough to see.

Ernie has been receiving positive feedback for her new column, as it gives us a good insight into the Miniconjou perspective in Indian Country. We sometimes forget the unique history and identity of every reservation in the state, and sometimes people need to be reminded. The Hunkpapa are up on Standing Rock. The Four Bands: Minicoujou, Two Kettle, Sans Arc and Blackfeet, are on Cheyenne River. Our friends the Dakota are at Crow Creek. The Kul Wicasa band of Sicangu are at Lower Brule, the Sicangu are at Rosebud, and the Oglala are at Pine Ridge. And let’s not forget the 20,000 strong Rapid City Indian Community, which is a population actually larger than the population of any one reservation. This community includes Dakota from East River, Ojibwe from Minnesota and North Dakota, Arapahoe and Shoshone from Wind River, Northern Cheyenne and Crow from Montana, the Three Affiliated Tribes from Fort Berthold in North Dakota, the Nakota from Spirit Lake, and our Lakota relatives up at Fort Peck in Montana. That’s a pretty comprehensive picture of all of Indian Country and it’s tough to find one that detailed and accurate but small enough so it doesn’t take an hour to read over it.

Cindy is back as our regular cartoonist and you can see her work in this week’s paper. Jimmy was having problems controlling his pen because of lingering complications from Covid, but considering he could not draw at all just a few months ago, he should be back to normal by Christmas time.

The Black Hills Pow Wow is here and there will be festivities all over town, check it out, because it has been postponed for two years due to COVID-19.


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