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Holy Sm-oaks! Feed a whole family for just $51

Grouchy heard a rumor that a new barbecue shack opened in downtown (good news), where the Katmandu Bistro used to be (sad news). Sad news because Grouchy loves all of the East Indian eateries in town, so she had to go see for herself. It turns out that Holy Sm-oaks Craft BBQ on Main Street opened in what was formerly the Pita Pit, downtown Rapid City.

The inside layout is the same as the previous business. Instead of light green there’s a cool blue paint on the walls. The new owners kept the exposed red brick. What is different is the savory aroma of smoked ribs and meats cooking in their juices. A warm inviting atmosphere greets you as you enter. An iron wood-burning stove sits in the front side window. It looks functional but on closer glance, the chimney is aluminum and the glowing light looks to be a battery-powered candle.

There was an inconspicuous patriotic sign featuring an American flag with a pig and an inscription that reads “red, white and b-b-q.” A more prominent sign featuring an eagle, wings spread, a ribbon clutched in his talons which reads “Great Food and Good Friends.” Otherwise, decorations were unobtrusive and featured happy pigs, friendly and inviting.

Patrons can sit-down after ordering or get their order to go. It was a full house so Grouchy got her order to go. Grouchy ordered a half-rack of ribs which comes with one side. Grouchy ordered the loaded potatoes even though she would like them unadulterated. It turns out it is Restaurant Week, so Grouchy got $5 dollars off her order so she ordered an extra side – the zesty Brussel slaw and was grateful to know it is made without nuts- for a total of about $20.00. It was spendy, but there was enough for 2 meals and then some.

As mouth-watering as they were, the potatoes were so loaded they were cement-like the following day. Grouchy made a mental note that the next time, she’ll try the baked potato with half the load.

There is no shortage of BBQ sauces to choose from so Grouchy got their original sauce. It wasn’t too sour or sweet. It was just right.

The Holy Sm-oaks menu features something for everyone. Obviously, it’s mostly meats which are priced by the quarter pound, including chicken and turkey, brisket, pulled pork, pork belly, beef sausage and pork spareribs. If you can’t afford the full rack for 30 bucks, you can get a half-rack for $15 or you can just get 3 bones for $7.50. There’s the usual sides of beans, loaded potatoes, mac and cheese, cheesy grits and fried okra. The menu includes some green choices too, like the aforementioned zesty Brussel slaw as well as collard greens and spring mix salad.

They have classic and signature sandwiches as well as bowls and desserts.

Holy Sm-oaks offers a Family Meal for $52 dollars – a ½ pound of brisket, a ½ pound of turkey breast and 1 pound of pulled pork as well as 2 sides (pints) and 8 slices – which feeds 4, or opt for the Big Family meal which feeds 8.

You will probably have to plan your visit as their hours of operation are limited. They’re open for lunch and dinner Thursday through Saturday and shorter hours on Sunday. Closed Monday through Wednesday.

And remember the spelling – Holy Sm-oaks – to avoid any confusion with Kansas City or Texas barbecue.

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