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 Honoring our heroes

From Valley Forge to Afghanistan, through war and peace, valiant Americans have answered the call to duty with honor and dignity. These brave men and women, and their loved ones, have made significant sacrifices on behalf of our nation.

This Veterans Day, let us take time to honor the brave and selfless Americans who have served in the United States Armed Forces, and recognize their time, commitment, and sacrifices in order to protect the ideals and freedoms that we cherish. Defending our democracy is paramount. Our service members face a growing list of global challenges, making it that much more important that our nation supports those who have answered the call to serve.

Let us also remember the sacrifices made at home by the families and loved ones of our service members. Beyond our gratitude and remembrance, our heroes and their families deserve support upon their return home and as they take on new challenges following their military service. Our gratefulness for their service must be reflected in our actions: by ensuring the availability of good jobs, high quality healthcare, educational opportunities, and housing.

We must never forget that America, as we know it, exists because of the sacrifices of our veterans. No matter how complicated war might be, it always comes down to the ones who fly the planes, man the ships, and carry the rifles. And our country’s military has left a legacy like no other fighting force ever assembled. The uniform they wear, and the flag they carry, are held in esteem wherever they have served.

May God bless America’s Veterans, and may God bless all Americans who remember, honor, and serve them.

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