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Hooray to the 7 who stood tall

I had just turned 6 years old when I was deposited on the concrete steps of the Holy Rosary Indian Mission Boarding School on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

I sat down on that cold concrete and cried like I had never cried before as I saw my parents drive away and leave me there. And that was the beginning of my school days at the boarding school.

We were taught the three R’s, Reading, Riting and Rithmitic, like every school, but there was one class that happened at least once a week called Catechism. This is the class where a Jesuit priest taught us about the things in the Bible.

One thing in the Bible that was stressed to us as children was that we should never lie. In fact lying was such a sin that the Catholics broke it down. A little lie, or one they called a “little white lie,” was considered a “venial sin.” A big whopper, one that could really get someone in trouble, was called a “mortal sin.”

The record keepers at the Washington Post have recorded at least 30,000 lies told by Donald Trump in his four years in the White House. Some of his lies could be considered at “venial,” and others as “mortal.” The lies he told about being cheated out of the White House by the Democrats is a major “mortal sin.” The clowns who believed this whopper rioted in Washington, broke into the Halls of Congress, and threatened the lives of the people we voted to serve us in Congress. It was a horrible and frightening scene, and one most of us thought we would never witness in our lifetimes.

Congressman Jamin Ben “Jamie” Raskin (born December 13, 1962) is an American lawyer and politician who is the U.S. Representative from Maryland’s 8th congressional district since 2017. Rankin recalled the mob riot at the Nation’s Capital. He had just lost a son and so to be at his side for the day, he took his 24 year old daughter to Congress with him to listen in on the Electoral College vote count. And then the mob stormed Congress. He was separated from his children as they hid under tables in another part of the Capitol.

After it was all over he told his daughter that she could come back with him on another day when things calmed down. She said, “Dad, I don’t ever want to come to Congress again.” He broke down in tears as he told this story.

And that’s the way it was all over America.

We had a saying in the Navy that went, “One lies and the others swear to it.” And so you had the Big Liar telling his lies and the Little Liars, press secretaries, swearing to it. There was Sara Huckabee Sanders, Sean Spicer, Stephanie Grisham, and Kaleigh McEnany, all standing in front of a TV camera embellishing Trump’s lies to 30 million Americans. I guess McEnany carried it off better than the others, some of who may have developed a twinge of conscience as the years passed that is except for Sean Spicer: Trump didn’t like the suits he wore, but he soldiered on until even he couldn’t keep up the farce.

Although the big lie “Stop the Steal” was debunked a thousand times, Trump to this day will not admit he lost the election and many of his sheep continue to condone his lie that the election was stolen.

Trump’s big lie causing the insurrection will go unpunished because 43 Republicans voted no to impeaching him and that lie of “Stop the Steal” still hangs odiferously over Washington, and with his acquittal the next disaster will be larger than this one.

Everyone one of the Republicans who cowered in their support of the Master Liar will be held responsible when Trump’s next catastrophe strikes. Seven people are no longer alive because of the Jan. 6 riot in the Halls of Congress. And sadly, no one will be held accountable for their deaths.

Tim Giago, Native Sun New Today Editor

As we learned in the Bible at school, lying is wrong and can be dangerous. When I started a newspaper I knew it had to be set on a foundation of truth. Donald Trump never learned or understood the importance of truth and the damage he has done to America with his lies are still in progress.

All three of South Dakota’s elected representatives, plus the Governor of the State, have supported and encouraged Trump’s lies and America and South Dakota is paying the price. History will be the judge of the mortal and venial lies of Trump and his supporters. Seven Republicans stood tall and voted to impeach Trump while 43 cowered in their own feces. Bravo to the seven, to hell with the 43.


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