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How many of you remember Tim and Chris Red Wolf?

How many of you remember Tim and Chris Red Wolf?


Jimmy Giago Davies is still in recovery. He let us know that he is learning to walk again. We almost lost him to Covid and we are all so happy he is recovering and will soon be back on the sports beat.

In the meantime one of our old friends and former sports writer Joe Budd wandered into the office the other day to say hello and we nabbed him in a second. You will see his first sports story in this issue. Welcome back Joe. With Jimmy out for a bit, Joe has some big shoes to fill.

Clara Caufield has been working at her house the past few weeks. She said she hates to be tied down to an office chair. However, she is still cranking out stories for us so keep reading.

We hope all of you Lakota get out to the gym and support your Lakota teams. We have some good ones this year and there are a couple headed for the playoffs.

We were thinking about some of the old, great basketball players at Holy Rosary Mission (Now Red Cloud) back in the 1940s and 50s. There was Willard Cuny, Joe Hawk, Tim and Chris Red Wolf, the Brewer twins, Billy and Bobby, Herb Colhoff and Leo Her Many Horses just to name a few. Rosary turned out some great teams in those days.

It seems that every week when Yolanda Thompson goes out on her delivery routes on Pine Ridge and Rosebud she is always approached by people she meets on the route with messages for Tim.  Well, Tim will be cutting back on most of his working hours starting next week, so he will really be hard to reach. After 41 years on the job it is about time, he said. Doksa ake’.

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