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How many of you want us to keep publishing Little Notes and Grouchy Gourmet?

Little Notes



On Veterans Day Tim stopped by the Big D on West Chicago to get gas. When he went in to pay for it he got in line behind a young lady who had just set a 12-pack of Bud Lite on the counter. Tim’s friend Carol, from Crow Creek, was working behind the counter that day.

Tim was wearing his ball cap that said “Korea” on it. After the lady paid for her beer she tore open the carton, took out a cold beer, handed it to Tim and said “Thank you for serving.” What a fine gesture.

Tim always gets his gas at the Big D on W. Chicago because Carol is there in the morning shift. Carol is a survivor of the boarding schools and she always has a short story to tell Tim every time he stops by. She told him about the many times she and the other girls had to stand on their tip toes with their noses pressed into a circle as punishment. All you Lakota – Dakota – Nakota please stop in and see Carol at the Big D on W. Chicago. She works in the morning shift from about 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. What a great lady.

The staff at Native Sun News Today is already planning its Christmas Party. This year they decided to have a potluck at the office. That way everybody can bring their favorite dish and we can all share the cost of the meal. We usually exchange gifts through a game they call White Elephant. Is that right?

We are thinking about dropping Little Notes and the Grouchy Gourmet from our newspaper lineup. These two columns have been a part of our newspapers since the early 1980s and many people look forward to reading them every week, but we will leave it up to our readers. If you want us to keep publishing Little Notes and the Grouchy Gourmet, please let us know. We just don’t know what the younger generation wants so that is why we are asking. We know there are many elders out there that still consider these two columns to be a part of their traditions. Let us know.

Richie Richards makes an annual trip to address the prisoners in Sioux Falls. He considers it a part of his duties as a journalist to let them know that they are not forgotten.

Richie said a pretty young lady told him she applied for a job at the infamous Shooter’s Restaurant. “Was it a tough application,” he asked. “No,” she said, “They took me to the store manager and he handed me a bra and said fill this out.”

The old staff and management at the Lakota Times used to stop and see Ken at the supermarket in Martin just before Thanksgiving and Ken would fill boxes with Thanksgiving goodies. He always put in a ham or a turkey with sweet potatoes and all of the other trimmings and a day before Thanksgiving Tim, Elton Three Stars and Albert and Bill Apple would load up the boxes and deliver them to as many Lakota homes in and around Martin as possible. Those were the good old days to us.

Doksa Ake!

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